The Language Of Lunacy, A Real Dump

13444222-vector-united-states-of-america-speech-tribune-silhouette-with-flag-background-stock-vectorDid you ever hear “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Yeah, we all grew up hearing it, but guess what it’s not true, words can hurt, when hurled by the person who knows your vulnerable spots.

And I say we all have them.

I had never heard such vitriol and hate-filled words as those used during this last Presidential campaign and now.

The words were used to hurt, and denigrate going way below the belt.

Expertly delivered by someone who guessed correctly the ones that were guaranteed to do the most harm.

“Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb, Lying Ted, Psycho Joe, Low IQ Crazy Mika, and the Weak and Beleaguered Attorney General.”

There was also the infamous talk about the size of hands.

As a semi functioning adult who thought I’d heard it all, the name-calling leaves me befuddled, and very disappointed.

What do parents tell their children after hearing these insults coming out of the mouths of grown men and some women, and not just by their peers on the school playground.

I hope some of that juvenile language is not on a lot of school yards today, they certainly were not on any I grew up around.

I know that was ions ago, no social media then, but decency, courtesy and respect for others should have no expiration date.

One parent told me she actually covered her child’s ears when the President Of the United States was giving a speech to the Boy Scouts, you just never know what’s going to come out.

More effective is limiting the TV news watching time, the news has taken on an ominous turn best not to take any chances, another parent finds it a little more effective than covering the ears.

What’s a parent to do in the Era of Trump?

What can any of us do?

My instinct was to fire back, when the 71 year old grandfather said the White House was a “real dump”,  my vulnerable spot, insulting the People’s House, my well-placed zinger got a lot of hits on Facebook.

But we want to be better than a snappy retort to an idiotic tweet from the Commander-In- Chief.

We All need to straighten our act, and maybe a General can improve some of the language and actions of our leaders.

Only time will  tell, history is recording every word.

One of my favorite passages, needed now more than ever.

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight,

Got any more parenting advice?

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  • His words and actions have tarnished the office. It makes me very sad.

  • Can you imagine how this Presidency will be taught in school.

  • Great piece.

    I have a theory, if you will indulge me.

    I was in college in the late 80s. At that time, I started hearing a lot more about relativistic truth. Essentially, what is true for you may or may not be true for me. In the 70s, on college campuses, when someone was expounding on a street corner, the question was whether or not the content was true. In the 80's absolute truth died.

    When absolute truth dies, so does logic. How can I criticize what one says if there is no absolute truth upon which to base my criticism?

    But there is truth. The sky is blue and the sun rose this morning. We all understand that there is truth, even if we don't all agree what it is. We've been robbed of the tools of criticism all the while viscerally understanding right and wrong. where does this leave us?

    It leaves us with Personal and Ad hominem attacks. We have no clue how to dismantle an idea, so we dismantle the person instead.

  • Thank you for your comments.
    We've all heard, been exposed to others beliefs and it's up to us to discern what we accept as truth.
    I think we should expect a semblance of honesty from our President that has been sorely missing.
    A popular saying still holds true:
    "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts."

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