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Updated 07-28-17

It should not have to be that hard to do the right thing Senator McCain, it should be so easy,  to be a real hero for your country.

A post on Facebook,the place I get all my deep and penetrating observations, did not ask a question, but instead made a statement.

Simply, “I’m glad my parents aren’t here to see what’s happened to our country.”

And I must admit I felt the same.

My Mother loved this country despite a lot of roadblocks that hindered her.

A Black woman in the South, fewer things could be more limiting to success.

But succeed she did, finishing High School that was a momentous feat in those days.

A few well chosen courses down through the years in accounting, yes she was good in math, I know this apple fell very far from the tree, and her career was forged in bookkeeping, working for businesses in the city.

But her passion was politics, however she was not a keyboard pounding activist, with internet courage like her eldest progeny.

She did the work.

She helped and encouraged her neighbors, and fellow churchgoers to register and vote.

She was a judge in the elections, I wasn’t sure what that entailed but it was brag worthy enough for me.

The greatest honor you can give a person is the right to elect the people who will govern them.

She was my hero.

She was not here to see the first Black (and White) President elected, and there was that loss of her not seeing such a historic and proud moment.

I would think, what would she say?

She had seen a lot, but not this.

And that post brings it back home for me.

No, I would NOT want my Mother to see what’s happened to this country now, the one she wanted to see thrive and prosper for all it’s citizens.

We all lived through Watergate, there are similarities but this is an entirely different attack on democracy, with more far reaching and devastating consequences for everyone.

This blog was supposed to be a cry for a hero, anybody from anywhere to come forth and love your country, and it’s people more than your party.

To go down in history as the one who stood up for what is right, when it was not popular, advantageous or even safe to do so.

Very similar to encouraging your neighbors to vote in the South during the ’50s.

I didn’t want to go so red, white and blue with this, I was out with friends recently, and one said “You write about politics,” that was it, that was all that was said, and I replied “yes, yes I do.”

Let me hear your thoughts on politics and anything

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  • Your mom sounds like a hero to me as well.

  • She was definitely my hero and one of a kind.

  • I'm glad my mom has missed this, too.

  • In reply to Kerri K. Morris:

    We would want our loved to be here, but no one deserves this fiasco. Thank you for reading.

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