My Friend voted for the other side : an update

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It was just a few weeks after the most historical Presidential election in many lifetimes, that I spoke with one of my best  friends about what happened.

It was during that casual of conversations like so many we have had down through the years, that he told me he had indeed voted for the opposite candidate from my own choice.

I must admit his revelation caught me off guard.

How could friends who had so much in common, shared so many thoughts and secrets, could be so opposite on this one subject.

While I ranted just a “little”, he remained calm and pretty stoic.

After listening to his reasoning, we ended our conversation as we usually did, upbeat with the usual expectations about our next gossipy chat.

We’ve talked since then only mentioning the election casually.

But after so many revelations has been unearthed with sporadic and very questionable behavior coming to light regarding his choice, I decided to ask if he had any second, even third thoughts about his decision.

I actually called my bff to ask, (interview) him on the things we have found out, had any revelations reversed  his thinking?

As usual I was the one that got the lesson, my bud is not a rabid political junkie and does Not watch hours of cable news, things I’m more than guilty of.

Most of the things I’m aware of about this new administration, he has never heard or he believes that a large portion of the news that is assimilated from the media, is not favorable to his guy, because of his unorthodox style.

Like so many who cast their vote for this man, he was not prepared to say his decision was ill -advised.

Maybe it’s the psychology of not being judged on such an important decision affecting so many.

As usual, we ended our conversation as we always have, laughing and talking about the things going on in both of our lives.

My takeaway, I don’t think I’ll interview my friend again.

He has never questioned my choices, maybe it’s time I be a real friend, and not question his.

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  • We watch tons of news programs here as well.

    I think your friend is a low information voter, those are the people who voted for 45.

    You are very accepting of his choices. You are a better person than I am.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    He is a longtime friend and you're right I think he went along w/o all or (any) info on the issues.
    I think a few are having second thoughts, just won't admit.
    When it's all over I will never "say told you so."

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