I was a customer service supervisor, or was I?

call-center-archives-call-center-services-inbound-outbound-call-d4bzfz-clipartA different take on a game recently played on Facebook was ask your friends out of a list of 10 jobs, which one did you Not have.

After my rather long and diverse employment history this version of The List Of 10 Game, was most compelling to me, although I never officially played it online, most of my family and friends would know I would never be a math teacher, or a flight attendant.

In the news lately is the response from management to paying customers when something goes terribly wrong.

That critical time when one simple word or action could keep an incident from escalating is crucial, and reminded me of a job I really did have, sort of.

I was a customer service representative for a large company, it was interesting work, we responded to phone calls from all over the U.S., and a few foreign countries.

What better place to hone my skills in the study of human nature and see the complexities in people when something had not gone as they had expected, and they had not gotten what they had paid for.

When you place a call to a large call center, you might hear “your call may be monitored for quality and training purposes”, well ours really were.

I was always commended for my friendly demeanor with the customers, making them feel comfortable, maybe a laugh by the end of the call, and most importantly resolving the problem.

My insight and details of some of their more complex problems, not so much.

That’s when we would rely on our fellow rep to be the “manager”.

This rep was an expert on questions that were too in the weeds for most of us.

And when there was an irate, inconsolable, even a mean customer on the line, I was the “supervisor”.

These were unofficial titles we just fell into as the situations arose.

My approach was empathetic, actually putting myself in their situation, letting them express their frustrations, what helped also in my modest opinion, was my southern accent, it helped diffuse a lot of po ‘ed callers.

I’d start off “Hi Mr/ Mrs.Jones always using the customers’ name never sir or ma’am, I’m (my name here), how are you today? “How can I help you?”

With a smile in my voice.

Everyone just wants to be heard.

I must admit that was over 30 years ago, and that tactic might not work today, and maybe it really wasn’t my southern accent/ charm after all.

But old fashion respect, kindness and decency for your fellow man, woman, or child should never go out of style.

Hope you’re listening Airline owners.

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  • I bet you were terrific at that job. I didn't see that game on Facebook, sounds like fun.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    I kinda liked that job so naturally you'd be good at it. That game was all over FB but it was out of 10 concerts which one did you not attend?

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