Public Service Announcement, keep your phone charged

imagesThis is the second time in so many months I’ve read something that left me aghast.
Yes me, Ms.Have Seen And Heard It All.

The article published under PERSPECTIVE in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper was titled “A stranger at the door”.

The writer told of an incident that occurred in her well-appointed, upscale suburban neighborhood.

She is alone in her home this night, when she hears “a sharp rapping at her door”.
Frightening to say the least, since she mentioned how quiet it was on her street, in this North Shore neighborhood, a block off the main road.

She then hears a crying woman speaking in a combination of Spanish and English.

The writer castigates herself because she paused for a moment before letting the woman into her house.

My thoughts were as usual “are you kidding me”?

Mrs. North Shore feels pangs of guilt because she doesn’t allow the stranger into her home right away.

She briefly thinks of the possible outcomes in allowing a stranger in her home while she is alone at night.

None seem to give her pause, however as she opens her door and the stranger comes into her home.

At this point I’m looking through the remainder of the story, is she punking us readers, or is this her PSA admonishing us to never, ever let strangers into your home.

She is doing neither, she discovers the unexpected, uninvited guest in her home is lost, she needs to call someone, and her cell phone is dead.

The writer makes the phone call for her guest, and someones comes to retrieve her.

All is well no harm, no horrific headlines.

Because you can imagine the headlines, and news stories, “she was such a sweet, caring person, who would want to hurt her?, she would give you the shirt off her back”.

“I can’t believe it could happen here”.

“No forced entry”

Maybe in these times with such flagrant disregard for our fellow human being seen everyday, some may feel an extra degree of compassion for others, because from the highest echelons of our nation, we’ve seen quite the opposite.

But despite your dismay at what you see and read everyday, you must also keep your wits about you.

NEVER let a stranger in your home, no matter what neighborhood you live in.

If they need help, dead phone, car trouble whatever, you make the call for them on your side of the door.

And if you’re the one needing help, never go into a stranger’s house, it works both ways.

Never invite salespeople, repairmen, survey takers, other “business” people into your home, before you’ve vetted their credentials, and never, ever from someone making an unsolicited call to you.

I know I may sound jaded and un-trusting, actually I am, it’s best to be safe, not sorry.

And to the astonished cry, “I can’t believe it could happen here”.

It can happen here, and it does, everyday.

Keep your genuine good heart, just be vigilant of everyone, even if the person is a crying woman with a dead phone.

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  • I know your advice is the correct advice. Years ago, however, I was cheerleader sponsor and I could earn a bit of extra money if I chaperoned the fan bus to the away games. Once we were on our way and a young lady came up to me crying that she HAD to go to the bathroom, HAD TO! The bus stopped at a farmhouse and I went with her and they let her come in and use their facilities. I can't believe it now as I write this.
    Had that woman come to my door I would have asked her for the number and made the call for her.
    I've changed but then, so has the world.

  • Yes the world has changed, and not for the best.
    The "in need of immediate help young lady" was lucky to have you with her and a kind homeowner, hopefully seeing the bus helped too.

  • Thanks!

  • In reply to ZeddyOne:

    You should not trust to a strangers! This is why I'm always looking here for a possibility to find a stranger's number before answer!

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