My Friend voted for the other side, now what?

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“No, I never lost any friends during the election, we were all on the same page.”

That was a portion of my response to an online question posted after the election, “Did You Lose Friends Because of This Election?”

There were lot’s of such soul searching, “what just happened” moments all over social media after November 8, yet that was the one I chose to answer.

I’d read about lots of others who were systematically unfriending, blocking, unfollowing and technically kicking friends to the curb, for having different political views than their own.

Wow! Didn’t they know their friends, how can they be called friends if you don’t know and share some of the same ideals?

Were they really ever friends?

Imagine my shock during one of my phone conversations with my friend, I learned that he had voted for the other candidate.

We’re both old school preferring something very avant-garde like talking on the phone, he’s not on social media( having endured many hacking problems.) And anyone who has seen me online knows I’m a purist and very challenged technologically.

So we rely on Ma Bell, since we live in neighboring states when we talk it’s usually about our weather differences, his aging parents, my daughter, TV shows,  working, retirement, and old movies his specialty.

We never talked too much politics, when we would commiserate, we agreed most politicians lie and don’t care about the little man, (or woman) who put them in office.

During this campaign season we would laugh about the antics and gaffes of the candidates, better than a lot of TV shows except for one thing this was real life , affecting all of us for generations to come.

We talked a few times after the election, holiday talk, his ill parents. I can’t imagine I didn’t mention the election results or Armageddon as I referred to it.

Life went on as we all hoped it would, my friend and I talked recently after all the informational news had been exchanged, I made some remark about the latest misstep our newly elected leader had subjected us all to.

My friend of over 15 years said something I heard very clearly, sometimes I miss what’s being said, we’re laughing, talking over each, finishing each other sentences.

But THIS I heard,”I voted for Him”.

Radio silence.

When I regained my equilibrium, we talked, maybe me with a little raised voice.

“How could you, you’re so smart.”

Was that supposed to help?

Calmly my friend gave me his answer.

And I got a real understanding of what I’d preached for months, your Vote, your Voice.

We listened to each other, truly listened.

Us, we’ll still be friends, I’ll continue to laugh at his cornball corny jokes, and he’ll pretend to consider my never ending, know it all advice about life, love and everything in between.

I learned the valuable lesson, yes me, a true friendship can not end because of differences, but can endure because of them.

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  • My problem is not someone choosing to vote for someone else. My reason for hiding people on facebook, is the vile things they are putting about the other side NOW on facebook. I've actually becoming an equal opportunity taking you out of my facebook feed. Meaning, even people I agree with, I don't want to see nasty things. Even if I agree with them, I'm sick of seeing.

  • In reply to HJW49:

    You are so right, the things I've seen on social media has been beyond sickening, no one is out of bounds children etc.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • Hurray for you, not letting political differences come between you and a friend. We need MORE of this in our society.

  • In reply to Lawrence Hartmann:

    Exactly, we have been friends for years maybe a shorter relationship would not have survived.
    Appreciate your comments.

  • I am glad you were able to talk about it. I think the friendships that get lost are those that aren't very strong or when communication doesn't occur.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    You know it, communication is essential.
    I listened probably for the first time to someone whose views were so different from my own.
    The key for us is mutual respect and a history of a true friendship.
    Thanks for your views, always spot on.

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