Alternative facts are just down right lies


I remember the side eye meme inducing snickers that followed when a certain actress announced her separation from her husband.

Conscious Uncoupling, was the term she used, so clear, so concise so full of goobly gonk yet very reminiscent of that lifestyle guru.

Make it fancy, make it smart, but as another cultural icon has said ” just call a spade, a damn shovel”.

We can laugh at the self aggrandizing of pop culture figures it’s what they do, what do you expect?

They make their living off being the biggest, brightest, the most everything, but it takes on a different turn when those who are entrusted to run the country, our country, are doing the exact same thing or worse.

Since this new administration has taken the helm, exactly 19 days the amount of misspeaks and down right lies told by those who should know better, are growing at an alarmingly scary rate.

The number of people attending this inauguration has been overly inflated, comparing those attendees with the previous administration’s inauguration number is futile at best.

Attention Mr.Press Secretary and Mr. President, we have video and ariel shots to prove that the young,popular,incoming President had the highest number of attendees at his inauguration.

The ban on immigrants that was hastily and sloppily penned, is a ban on a particular religious group, and at it’s disorganized inception was NOT “going well” .

Look at the protests all over the world, these people are not at the airports to do the Hokey Pokey.

Ms.Spokesperson there was no Bowling Green Massacre, it did Not happen, you did not misspeak, it is not an alternative truth, it is a lie.

The media does indeed report terrorist attacks that occur all over the world, ad naseum.

Their correspondents are in those hot spots risking their lives to inform us of these attacks.

Why would they want to keep these news stories hidden? Why?

Latest lie, The murder rate in the U.S. is the highest it’s been in 47 years.

That is a lie, although the numbers are still too high.

You lied, Mr. President.

We have more time to go with you, we must be able to believe and trust some of the things you tell us.

Last caveat, your alternative truths will continue to be debunked.

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  • Exactly, the are lies, pure and simple.

    You made me laugh with the hokey pokey line, great image!

  • I know they could have better things to do besides hanging out at airports.
    Thanks for reading

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    How is your knowledge of the Constitution and Immigration? How about
    Sanctuary Cities? Is it legal for non citizens to be receiving ANY benefits from Federal Tax Monies? Not ever and since 1965. Do the math. Read the Constitution, even Harvard Scholar Allen Dershowitz agrees Trump's views will hold up in the Supreme Court. Not bad for a Real Estate Developer. What you fail to realize is that Constitutional Scholars have been working on taking America back since 1990. You are just talking smack. Back it up with Constitutional facts or start a column in the funny papers. Maxine Waters said Putin had no business starting a war with Korea. Try Crimea, Ms. Waters. You are all wet.

  • In reply to James Washin:

    I think the most famous Constitutional Scholar would disagree with you and the reality actor. I may question if I'm really talking smack, I feel we may just disagree like many in this country (world) has since the election of 2016.
    I also question why you remind me of what Maxine Waters said, is there a connection you feel between this legislator and myself??
    Thank you for reading.

  • This was a great post. Your post was interesting and fun to read. You narrate the things in very good manner. Thank you and keep going.

  • In reply to Alina Austin:

    Thank you for reading.

  • Someone needs to remind him that this is not the Apprentice.

  • In reply to bessemerbeauty:

    He is running this country as if it was, we are all afraid of his next E.O. and nominations.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • In reply to Vincent:

    Yes, it feels as if we are living in those times. Our progress has been stunted.
    Appreciate you reading and commenting.

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