The Reporters and the spider


I always wondered how Little Miss Muffet could ever be considered a nursery rhyme? Because for me spiders are among the creepy crawlies I’m most frightened of.

I can’t believe I’m alone.

Little Miss Muffet

By Mother Goose

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

The omnipresent spider lurking to frighten anyone, Everyone why?

Because he can.

This most recent “news conference” conducted by the man elected to hold the reins on the most powerful country in the world was as frightening as encountering a spider while sitting comfortably on your tuffet.

The news media eagerly awaited this chance to question the President-elect, who had been MIA to them except for his early morning mean tweets about anyone, or anything that displeased him.

The ensuing exchanges were the most alarming I’d ever witnessed.
The reporter attempted to ask a question and was hoping for a rational, cognitive answer, neither happened.

Never had I seen a reporter shouted down and refused the opportunity to ask a question.

The other reporters continued to clamor to get their chance to ask a question.

The total lack of unanimity of the reporters in that room left me sad and disheartened.

They were all there to do their job, get the truth to the public but they were constrained by their abject fear of displeasing the spider.

On that day they lost all credibility, they coward and Did Not have each others’ back.

They should have walked out en masse in protest of the treatment one of their own experienced.

Actually long before that day it was obvious there was a bias toward who they preferred to cover.

Beige and Boring vs. Dangerous and Unpredictable.

Which one brought the viewers and readers?

We get it.

We saw it in 2008 the coverage of the bright shiny new star bringing hope and change vs. the middle-aged really boring wife and mother was very one-sided.

But now the game is different in order to keep those viewers and readers, you sell out your fellow reporters, and your soul to the spider.

News is not “fake news” just because it reveals something the spider would rather keep hidden.

You must report the “Whole True News” no matter who gets tarnished.

We demand as much.

Do your jobs with integrity and honor that will keep the spider off guard, he works best when his targets are too afraid to speak up, not wanting to be the next victims of the spider’s laser focused wrath.

Everyone wanting to remain in the spider’s good graces lest he takes away your accessibility to him.

I’m hoping the honorable ones among you will relish not being in his good graces.

Do your best work, each and every time, we’ll all be the better for it.

What the hell is a tuffet anyway?

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  • fb_avatar

    The media seems self-absorbed with their importance that they've lost total sight of the goal. I think television media is the worst. They fill the air waves with surrogates who are no more than designated liars. They may get a mild challenge but are then left to further spout their bull. Far more important than truth is ratings.

    We have to hold them accountable. I think rather than focusing on those on the other side who would view our contempt as a badge of honor. We might start with those who claim to represent us. Instead normalizing what should never be.

  • In reply to William Spivey:

    You are absolutely right, can't believe how blatant the news people are. Don't they know we see they have compromised every small bit of their integrity to keep one man happy.

  • I thought the exact same thing, unity would have been impressive. It's a rare thing to find people who have your back.

    Perfect analogy and that spider is crawling ever forward.

  • Loved the spider analogy too so fitting, hope we all can avoid the sting.

  • You seem to have forgotten that President Obama chose who could ask a question. Often from names on a file card that were predetermined. There were no nasty exchanges then because the press quietly accepted this. What a selective memory. How quickly we forget.

  • I remember they were predetermined but mostly to keep order and give everyone a chance.
    The President would never exclude a reporter because of their outlet or what they had written about him.
    Could you in your wildest imagination see President Obama speak to another human being in the manner we witnessed in that "press conference" the other day.
    Please don't ever compare that man with our genteel, mannerly well-spoken President.
    Thank you for your comment.

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