Father: The Other Parent

collage This was first published in 2014.

Nothing has changed in the ensuing years, Fathers are the Father, Mothers you are the Mothers,those jobs are NOT interchangeable.
Mothers you can never be the Father, you can simply be the best Mother you can be.You can help your children’s Father be the best he can be.

And hopefully he will help you, you need each other.

Help never a hindrance.

Fathers get a bad rap.

We’ve heard the statistics, not as many dinner reservations on Father’s day, Hallmark loves that holiday, just not as much as the one celebrating Moms.

Not nearly as many long distance phone calls are made on that Sunday in June, as the one in May.

Retail sales, we won’t even go there, Father’s Day gift buying is left in the dust behind the many gifts bought for Moms, Grand moms, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters, Moms -in-law, Not your real Moms, Moms to be.

Come on how many cards are out there for the Dad to be?

While there are many dedicated, hardworking Dads out there, some taking on the day to day grind of  caring for their children, they never get the recognition that they deserve.

Hearing stay at home Dad always sound different than stay at home mom, and garners a more visceral reaction.

Maybe it’s the words used, no one should ever say the Father is babysitting his children, especially the Father. We would never say that about a Mother.

Fathers, please never say parenting is 50-50.  Parenting like any other committed relationship should be 100-100.  Give all of you to the job.

Fathers your presence in your children lives is pivotal to their growth and emotional well-being.

You are the first man your daughter will know.

Your relationship with her, and her Mother determines a lot about how she will react to other men, and just as important how she will view herself. Your positive and nurturing contributions to your daughters’ esteem are invaluable.

Women have been raising boys since time in memoriam, some will say “I’m his Mother and Father”.

Actually that is only half true.

Of course while some has had to take on both roles, you are his Mother.

A young boy needs the  positive influence, and hopefully love of a man in his life.

We know these stats all to well, without a strong male role model in your child’s life, drugs use, legal problems, school dropout rates, and every other negative result doubles, possibly triples when a Father is not in the lives of his children.

What an awesome responsibility Fatherhood is, this is just touching the surface of all the things your presence can influence. Take on this challenge with reverence and aforethought.

Last bit of advice to all Fathers love, support, and protect your children.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  • When I was a single mom I used to say I was the good cop and the bad cop, I knew I couldn't be the dad also. Maybe the relationship with the Mom is more emotional hence the increased gifts, phone calls etc. Thoughtful post!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Yeah good cop, bad cop is usually the role of the single Mom. In an ideal world Fathers presence would eliminate one of those cops. Thanks for reading, and tell Hubby, "Happy Fathers Day!"

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