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These 2016 celebrity deaths, and our lives

We were barely into the new year when news of celebrity deaths started bombarding us with stunningly sad and frequent regularity. When the first date (birth) is surprisingly close to your own and the second date is 2016, something has to happen to your psyche. Couple that with the nostalgia that comes if you grew... Read more »

What did Downton Abbey and The Housewives of Atlanta have in common?

Actually, both these iconic TV shows have quite a bit in common, both air on Sunday night, and to catch them both you had to DVR at least one of the shows. I DVR’d them both, it was the way I watched them, to catch every nuance and phrase. Characters talked so fast and to... Read more »

Attention Presidential Candidates, Especially The Republicans

Well a few months has passed since this was originally published, and a lot has changed not as many candidates in March and we know a lot more about the ones remaining. But the gist of this unsolicited advice remains just as relevant then as now. Only 251 days left until we elect a new... Read more »