These elected politicians should go, now

man-leaving-with-suitcase-720x547-720x547 (1)Besides the many problems and concerns we might have with those seeking office at this time, there are several already elected by the people who should be ushered out of their cushy jobs.
Failure to fulfill the most basic of the responsibilities they were elected to perform should be reason enough to kick these career pols out of office.

The Governor from the state of Maine, Paul LePage should be among the first to be let go by his constituents after his latest incendiary remarks.

Trying to justify/ excuse the growing heroin addictions and other drugs overtaking his state this loud mouth, speak first, think never duly elected pol had the gall to suggest the proliferation of illegal drugs coming into Maine were being brought in by “out of state drug dealers, who afterwards would impregnate their young white girls.”

After the justified backlash over his comments the bombastic public official tried to walk his remarks back, standard politician procedure, since this is not the first time LePage has said something both racially motivated and blantely untrue, hopefully this time he will be held accountable.

The democrats in his state will attempt to impose impeachment proceedings against their Governor on Thursday.

LePage has also been accused of other infractions from the benign to the criminal by his state legislature.

Instead of implementing tougher drug laws and helping those already afflicted with this huge problem of drug addiction in his state, this politician reverts to the public official when caught handbook, deflect, deny,cover-up, blame/ fire someone else.

Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan has a different set of circumstances facing him.
His inaction could cause some citizens of his state to have life-long health problems.

In an attempt to save money for the city of Flint, the officials switched the city’s water source.
After children and babies from the area were being seen with high concentrations of lead in their blood, the source of the lead was thought to be the water supply.

The citizens voiced their concerns, and were swiftly assured that the water was just fine.

“No lead in the water!”

After many more diagnosis of lead found in the citizens of Flint, and even more demands that something be done about it,the Governor felt the need to chime in with “Nothing to worry about, the water is fine, you can drink the water.”

Of course that has now been proven to be UNTRUE.

Governor Snyder has been caught doing the very thing these politicians do when caught lying to the people who elected them, issue a weak, never accepting blame apology, very insulting to the people in his state who have been harmed.

Finally, another career pol should step down but he will hold onto his mayoral seat until it is ripped from his cold dead 9 fingers.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel from the city of Chicago should go.

This one is personal as we had a front row seat to the underhanded cover-up in this city’s government.

Rahm has employed all the dubious tactics in the caught politician’s playbook 101, from down-right lying, shielding, blaming/ firing others, to the teary-eyed public apology.

They don’t work, these men should step down since the people who elected them have no confidence that they can perform the jobs, they were elected to.

Dishonorable mention goes to Rep Sean Duffy from Wisconsin who actually said that Black women have the most abortions, because they are more promiscuous, he didn’t use that word but we don’t expect some of our elected official to have a working vocabulary, or to tell the truth which this man did not.

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