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On the couch again thoughts,opinions, rants and raves

It’s anniversary time, 3 years ago I wrote my first blog , if that’s what we could loosely call it. They said it would never last and by they, I mean me. I had been told BB (before blog), I had a way with words, couple that with never hearing a subject I didn’t have... Read more »

Mizzou protests has lessons for everyone

Walk a mile in my shoes is good advice. Our children will learn to respect others if they are used to imagining themselves in another’s place. Neil Kurshan I’d say this is excellent advice evidently not just for our children. Some of the responses to the college students and faculty protests at the University Of... Read more »

Orphaned or not, kids need a little compassion

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. –¬†Anais Nin One of my favorite all time quotes, I’ve used it as a guideline in attempting to see others point of view. Sometimes it has failed me, when honestly I have not walked even a half mile in your shoes, and... Read more »