Hey GOP, your war on women: not winning

WASHINGTONAs if hearing the astonishing news that the Benghazi hearings has lasted longer than the hearings on Katrina or the Watergate probes, wasn’t enough we’re also learning the high toll of this investigation has cost the tax payers over 4.5 million dollars.

If that was the cap of this debacle the price would still be too high, but the hearings continue with no end in sight.

The GOP chairmen and members of the committee, in all likelihood feel vindicated, after all the investigation into Benghazi has delivered to us e-mail gate.

The leading candidate for the recently vacated Speaker of the House position, admitted that the hearings on Benghazi were intended to bring down the numbers for the Democratic candidate for President, he feels it was the accomplishment of the committee.

Although very inarticulte in his speech, we get the idea, the hearings are Not about getting to the truth behind the tragedies, but to hurt the female running for the high office.

In the same week the committee hoping to defund Planned Parenthood brought the President of the organization before it’s group to question her not on the merits of  it’s health care services, but to discuss her SALARY.

I was left exasperated, and I’m sure I’m not alone, would this topic come up in questioning a male president of an organization?

I think not.

In just that one week we saw glaring examples of the missteps and certainly misspeaks the conservative party has shown in representing the needs, concerns of women voters.

Even their own female candidate has been exposed making false claims about the organization whose only existence has been to help women with their health care needs.

The assertion that the GOP has a major problem with women is not new.

Is it just me, but does these adult men show an unusual ineptitude when it involves females in general.

One candidate had to backpedal when he actually said women health care was already “over funded”.

To be fair it’s not always about women that the GOP is off the mark this same candidate had to do a little reshuffling when explaining his views on the recent mass shootings, by saying out of his own mouth “stuff happens”.

GOP, you have an excellent opportunity (it’s not too late) to gain the trust and respect for the female voting bloc, which is substantial.

We vote.

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