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Planned Parenthood How Could You Fall For The Oke Doke?

One of the most flagrant undercover sting take downs I’ve seen in a while happened with the elite Doctors of Planned Parenthood. Not since the former Governor of Illinois was over heard while being secretly recorded boasting,”I’ve got this thing, and it’s &#%@* golden”, unabashedly bragging about the Senate seat left vacant by then Senator... Read more »

Serena Williams Is Being Person Shamed To The Nth Degree And Beyond

Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam on Saturday, the exuberant winner’s picture came through the news feed with her trophy raised triumphantly over her head. All the accolades accompanying the story were awe inspiring and praise worthy to me not known to follow tennis, knowing a few players by name, the Williams sisters among... Read more »