GOP No More Clown Car Of Candidates

imagesThe President said it best last night in his SOTU address, we want “A Better Politics”.

That’s all a lot of us want in these last two years as the country gears toward a Presidential election, we’ve got a little time yet, but it’s never too early to get a few priorities in place.

There is the assumption that a certain demographic is going to vote for a particular party in every election no matter who the candidate may be, and that certainly has some merit.

We are ingrained to vote our interests.

But my concern is some voters would rather have a choice of candidates.

Those voters, me included want a real challenge, give us a reason to look at another candidate, another party.
We are not wedded to a particular party or ideology if there is a better option available.

That’s where my plea comes from to the Republican party, you’ve got a little time to get this right.
For starters not so many candidates in the primary field, weed out the ones without a chance of competing on the national stage.

You know the ones plucked from the looney bin of your party, aka the Tea Party.

Those far right of anything the average American voter can relate to.

You want a centrist candidate to appeal to a wider audience, I’ve heard you lament expanding your tent to be more inclusive.

This is where you start.

Pick a candidate that understand the ramifications of his/hers words on the middle of the road constituent, more of your potential voters will neither be far right, or left.

Consider female, I know I’m pushing your limits here, but most of us would really welcome the idea of a woman in any slot on the ticket.

Again, think nationally not hair brained, or scatterbrained.

Like an Elizabeth Warren (although she has said she will not run),  but we’ve heard that before, right Mitt?

Think before you choose the one who is next in line to run.

Dismiss the ones who doesn’t stand a chance and  those who’ve had more than enough chances.

GOP we just want a real contest, give us something to work with.

Maybe a fresh new face on the horizon, it worked before.



Got any more suggestions for the GOP? Please let us all know.

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