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Dear Sony, Karma Knows Your E-Mail Address Too

Sony Pictures Entertainment is one of the most profitable business entities in the country, with long reaching affiliations around the world. Not just making movies, but in the ever expanding technological field as well. So with such expertise in this burgeoning market, you would think the first lesson the people of Sony Pictures Entertainment would... Read more »

Bill Cosby Is Not Cliff Huxtable

To all those who joked about Bill Cosby being relieved that other news is captivating the attention of the world now, just don’t get it, these revelations are an unending story. Accusations, speculations, usually followed by fierce denials, are the cornerstone of a public scandal. Mr. Cosby’s firestorm began when a fellow comedian called him... Read more »

"I Can't Breathe" Shirt And "Hands Up" Gesture Has A Lot To Say

Derrick Rose wore a shirt to warmup before the game on Saturday night, that one shirt got a lot of attention, and caused a lot of talk . The shirt was not the custom made shirts sanctioned by the NBA for on court activities, it was specially made for Rose to wear on that particular... Read more »