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Veterans Hospital Debacle Is Not Benghazi

This year’s Memorial Day celebration is over, flags have flown, speeches have been made and cemeteries all over this country have been visited by loved ones. All this amid a rapidly growing VA hospital scandal. There has always been allegations of slow service, long wait times in overcrowded waiting rooms, even rude and aloof staff. I had written this off as the patient wanting... Read more »

Olivia Pope meet your newest clients: "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson, Cliven Bundy, and Donald Sterling

Yes, Ms. Pope we know you and the other Gladiators may not be taking on any new clients now, between your maternity leave/hiatus and the shakeup in your staff, but these people need you. Need may not adequately express the urgency that these hotbeds of public opinion catastrophes require from you. And while we know... Read more »

Letters To A New Mom: Don't Go it Alone

With Mothers Day, the best man made holiday just days away, we have been asked to join in on writing a letter to new Moms. Not too challenging we all have some advice to share, other Moms, Dads, never Moms,  about to be Moms. So much so I wrote my own version of advice to... Read more »