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Cliven Bundy Another American Historian

Adam Silver, the Commissioner for the NBA, had a real dilemma confront him in the first few months in his new job. Decades of knowing that one of the owners of a basketball team was a litigious and contentious racist,  losing the largest housing discrimination lawsuit in history,  he was allowed to flourish and become... Read more »

Unemployment, Lack Of Education, "The Man", Not Reasons For weekend Violence

The forecast for this past weekend was warm and sunny. Saturday, the temperature climbed to over 70 degrees, the highest it had been in six months. Six long  bitterly cold  and snowy months,  some thought the question, “where is spring”? had finally been answered. The hibernation was  finally suspended, what a great day to go... Read more »

Chicago's Mayor and Police Commissioner, Have You Made Any Plans For This Summer?

The temperatures will be climbing slowly in the next couple of weeks, and what a welcome relief that will be. This has been an exceptional winter with brutally cold weather, and record breaking snow falls. Everyone is waiting for that first real warm spring day. Plans are being made either mentally, or very definite. If... Read more »

Note To Paul Ryan, Some Just Need A little Help From A Village

With the current onslaught of mothers in the news, it’s no wonder that one of the latest stories to make the media rounds is about an Arizona mom. This mom has been arrested, and her two small children placed in foster care, because she left them alone in a car. Not for some of the... Read more »