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An Open Letter to Young Moms

Boy, have Moms been maligned lately, working Moms against stay at home Moms, hovering Moms, too permissive Moms. Breast feeding in public, and waiting too long to wean. Sleeping in the bed with the parents, versus sleeping down the hall with a monitor. No matter which camps the Mom falls in, there are lot’s of... Read more »

Chicagoland nor Lindsay Lohan Are Ready for Their Close-up

Well the public has spoken with lukewarm ratings for these docudramas, Chicagoland on CNN, and Lindsay Lohan on the OWN network. I’m surmising that the lower than expected viewership numbers on the debut nights, will plummet even lower for the remaining episodes. Both shows were heavily promoted, Chicagoland having a premiere night to hawk it... Read more »

Oscar Speaks, and Some are Happy About It.

The 86th annual Oscar award show is over, and what a show it was. I have watched these shows for more years than I will ever admit to here, and this is by far the best. The acceptance speeches this year were golden, pun intended. I’ve never put much credence in those speeches in the... Read more »