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A Thug By Any Other Name Is Still A Thug, Or Is He?

The brouhaha over the 29 second rant by Seattle Seahawks Cornerback, Richard Sherman is moving into another phase. Game time will let the athletes prove their mettle. As a Seahawks fan, in name only, since a friend who loved the team so much, is no longer here to cheer them on, I accepted the task.... Read more »

Lessons In Loyalty, Politician Style

Stories this week in political news shows sharp contrasts in the mindset of politicians when it involves loyalty. The former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, has written a scathing memoir of his time in President Obama’s first cabinet. Mr. Gates, a staunch Republican, was asked to join the new administration in a effort at “bridge building”... Read more »

My Favorite Posts of 2013, And A Few "Boomerisms"

It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings, and maybe a little reflection on the past year. There are lot’s of “The Best Of” lists going around, since this blog is fledgling and still trying to get it’s bearings, there are no best, but there are my favorites. Like a parent and their children,... Read more »