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Teens,Twentysomethings Suicide Is Just Not The Answer

Within the last few days there has been two suicides by young people in the news. They were happy by all accounts, accomplishing and “had it all together” to outsiders. Both were 29 years old, and now both are dead. Why? We ask this question and we think we might know the answers, lost love, ... Read more »

The Jacksons' Fall From Political Grace: Not So Priceless

The sentences for Jesse Jackson Jr., and his wife Sandi Jackson has been handed down. The Judge, while acknowledging that petitions were submitted to her for leniency for the pair, she could not do it. From her intonation it seemed as if this famous pair must be shown to have not gotten preferential treatment. Although,... Read more »

Riley Cooper Get Off The Field, You're No Paula Deen

Have you heard this one, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, truer words have never been spoken. The very same offensive word was spoken by both Ms. Paula, and the Philadelphia Eagles football player, yet different repercussions has been leveled against the two offenders. Ms Paula was born in a different... Read more »