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DOMA,Prop 8, Silver Cup Comes to the City: What A Week For Heroes

What an exciting week, so many heroes emerged, to take center stage. The Supreme Court agreed that every citizen should have the same rights and privileges, regarding marriage. What a novel and groundbreaking decision. Regarding school desegregation in the 60’s, the catch phrase was “separate but equal”. Opponents of  DOMA, wanted “not separate, just equal”.... Read more »

Apologist abound Paula Deen, Serena Williams, one needed for North West

It was the week of the apology,tearful and contrite cook show host Paula Deen to mega tennis pro Serena Williams. But a deafening silence on North West. Let me say, I don’t think Ms. Deen needed to apologize for her choice of words, she is a lady of  a certain age from the south. These... Read more »

Concealed And Carry:Passed, Marriage Equality:Not Now

The Illinois General Assembly failed again to get all their work done. Pension relief for government workers, not now. Illinois budget over one billion in debt. The Illinois credit rating has NOW been lowered. The right for every citizen of Illinois to marry the person they choose, regardless of gender, not now. Some senior programs... Read more »