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Steubenville, Life Changing For Everyone

Very few have not heard of the Steubenville trial, where 2 teenage boys were accused of raping a 16 year old girl. This happened at an end of school party, where excuberance is expected, but not the anti-climatic, life changing events of this normal right of passage. The boys were tried and found guilty of... Read more »

Republicans, Save your 10 Million Dollars, Try Something Different: Honesty

CPAC is over, the Rebulican “thinktank” has voted,they elected Rand Paul as their next savior, or sacrificial lamb. At this year’s conference held in idyllic and scenic, National Harbor, Maryland, the faithful spoke. They also yelled, cursed and most telling, they lied. There was the usual infighting as the more honest and pragmatic of this... Read more »

Unwed Parenthood Message Should Not Be For Teenagers Only

New York Mayor Bloomberg has just lost the first round of the “large sugary drink debate”. Among the points the Judge made in his ruling was, it was not aimed at all eating establishments, just those run by the city. Also,the law does not encompass other large drinks, like milkshakes. While I agree this was... Read more »

Is The Violence Against Women Act, Really Necessary?

Is it mandatory to have a Voting Act, that was first enacted in 1965? How about a Defense of Marriage Act? Should there even be a discussion between human beings that spells out that you should treat other human beings with dignity and respect? I say a resounding, NO! To the 138 Republicans including one... Read more »