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Sure We're Cuter And Smarter,But It's Not As Much Fun Without You

There was this item I came across with the blaring headline “WOMEN ARE BETTER: AND HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY”. It asserted we look better longer, hooray for estrogen, and that we are smarter!!!?? It claimed that higher numbers of  women were enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies.  Yeah! confirmation. We suspected it, but now here it is,... Read more »

This Is Not What The Forefathers Had In Mind

This is not what I wanted to talk about the week before the Holidays. My regular scheduled blog will return a little later. The state of Connecticut has one the most stringent gun laws of any state in the union, yet it happened there. Solutions may have been banded about, yet no one has attempted to face... Read more »

It Ain't A Prank, It Ain't Funny, When Someone Dies

Forgive my grammar, it just conveys my true thoughts about the constant badgering some are exposed to for the sake of public humiliation: youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. The not so recent barrage of young gay, not gay, perceived as gay, who took their lives because of the bullying tactics of those who thinks it’s oh... Read more »

Grab That Binder Full Of Women

Who knew I would be trying to get the ear of the Republicans so soon after my last imploring. The debt crisis looms over our heads, some United States Senators from both sides of the aisle have approved an amendment to accelerate the withdrawal of our troops from Afighanistan. This is important stuff. Yet the Conservatives... Read more »