10 Things We Absolutely Need to Leave in 2015

This is in no particular order as my mind is currently racing, but as we enter 2016, these are some of the things I would LOVE to see us do away with! 1. The Whip/Nae Nae I know this has become the universal dance that supposedly bonds all melanated and non-melanted people, but can we... Read more »

Chiraq/Shitraq: The Good, The Bad, and The Truth

Chiraq Shitraq: The Good, The Bad, and The Truth The Good Teyonah Parris-is beautiful to look at and although her dialogue was quite cheddar cheesy, she brought an aspect of sincerity to the character in spite of the movie. Wesley Snipes– I don’t why he hasn’t pursued a career in comedy. Wesley Snipes’ comedic timing... Read more »

If I didn't know any better, I'd think CNN stood for 'Confederate National Network'

I am seriously starting to think that the news network CNN should stand for the “Confederate National Network“ . That’s basically how it feels and couldn’t be more evident in how we are portrayed and demonized through piss poor reporting. You mean to tell me that the absolute BEST description of this slain young man... Read more »

Dear Media, Stop Giving Jesse Jackson Sr. Credit for the Black Friday Protests

Dear Media, Stop giving Jesse Jackson Sr. credit for shit he doesn’t do. Jesse Jackson, Sr. is not our political lord and savior so please stop it with these fake ass articles and the narrative that he is the champion of black people. Most of our natural black asses don’t even like him. I can’t... Read more »

Why I Refuse to watch the video of LaQuan McDonald's Murder

  Even before the video came out I made a conscious decision that I was not going to watch it. I know what was done to this 17 year old boy. How he was shot 16 times (in the fetal position) by one officer, while other officers looked on. How police reports were falsified, the... Read more »

Chiraq: Spike Lee’s weak attempt at Greek Mythology

I just saw the trailer for Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’ and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Instead of highlighting the major issue of gang violence and a proposed resolution  it comes off as some pimptastic ode to the “Power of Pussy”.  I, like many, was under the impression that this might be more of a documentary... Read more »

Tyshawn Lee Could Have Been My Son

It is 1:30am and I cannot sleep. It is because I cannot stop thinking about the 9 year old boy who was shot in the head yesterday. No, I don’t know the family personally, but it hurts nonetheless. It hurts to think about what his mother and father must be going through. Wondering if there... Read more »

Alleged AmeriKKKan Politicians Unhooded

For YEARS black people have said that certain officers, judges, sheriffs, mayors, and politicians were Klansman (which is why it is believed that true racism is embedded within institutions), and for YEARS we were made to feel like we were just delusional or always pulling the race card. Well not today. The hacktivist group Anonymous... Read more »

Dear White People, Spare us with your disrespectful 'nigger' costumes this year

  Let Me guess, you’re a ‘Nigger’ for Halloween… Today is October 31st and good grief do I dread this shit. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. I enjoy dressing up, wearing costumes and pretending to be something otherworldly. Yet, it has become one of the days I dread now more than any other.... Read more »

Porn Du Soleil

Have you ever seen something so crazy you didn’t even know how to respond? Well that was me yesterday. I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline when my eyes became immediately assaulted by this homemade porno clip. I didn’t want to watch (yes I did), but I had to. You know, for scientific purposes… Lol!... Read more »