About Me

I am Boom and I am a modern day griot. I observe, I listen, and I use my perspective and experiences to evoke emotion, compassion, and understanding in others. I speak loudly for those who may normally go unheard and I fight for my people through the power of my pen.

The majority of my work has evolved to center around my community because that is what matters most to me; black people, black voices, black experiences, black perspectives, black culture, black history, black events, black relationship dynamics, and everything else blackity black, black. Basically, "I’m rooting for everybody black” *in Issa Rae voice*.  I write because I don't know who will tell generations after mine the truth about things happening today. I transcribe my thoughts about things that go on in the world, how I am affected and how I see others affected. I say what many are thinking, but afraid to say. This blog is where my mind deconstructs the current state of affairs, politics, entertainment, and society from a black millennial perspective.

You can keep up with me on Instagram @itstheboomshow. For bookings or business inquiries email itstheboomshow@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Language

There are times when my language may be peppered with profanity or come off quite vulgar. If that bothers you, this may not be the blog for you. I am okay with not being who and what everyone wants to associate with because of how I communicate my thoughts and ideas. These are not polite times. If my words make people uncomfortable then good. That is what they are supposed to do. They are needed to jar people out of the comfort of not caring about what is going on in the world around us. I am not here for minimizing the atrocities going on in the world by softening how we describe them (you know, like how McGraw-Hill textbooks were printed calling slaves 'workers' and 'immigrants' and minimizing the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to a voluntary emigration).

So fuck any fuckery like that. I am not here for making ugly things sound pretty or palatable.

Don't Come for Me and I Won't Come for You

We all love a good debate (I KNOW I do). I don't expect everyone to share all of my views and opinions. In fact, I welcome the opportunity for my thoughts to be respectfully challenged. I could probably learn a thing or two from you all out there. However, I have absolutely no qualms about publicly crucifying anyone who earns it. Don't be the 'keyboard thug' hiding behind your monitor at home. You can still be touched. So Be Great or Be Quiet.