Don't Ask Why Black Women Feel Unsafe, If You Are Going to Attack Them for Being Honest

Don't Ask Why Black Women Feel Unsafe, If You Are Going to Attack Them for Being Honest
In the past week, I have seen so many (reactive) posts saying how men need to ‘Protect Black Women’. Yet, I was conflicted and I had to take it with a grain of salt because some of those posts came from people I have actually seen disrespect Black women regularly. I don’t know who needs to... Read more »

Being Cheated on Hurts, But Don't Blame the Other Woman, Blame Your Dusty Ass Husband

Being Cheated on Hurts, But Don't Blame the Other Woman, Blame Your Dusty Ass Husband
Disclaimer: I know women cheat too, but the topic of this article is about cheating husbands, side pieces, and wives with displaced hurt and anger. I was listening to The Rickey Smiley show this morning and the conversation topic was in regards to Wendy Williams blasting women who deal with married men. Now, it’s no... Read more »

SLAVERY, LIKE ABUSE, IS NEVER A CHOICE: How Kanye West missed the point while trying to solicit a Message of Empowerment

When I first heard some of things Kanye had been saying leading up to the infamous “slavery was a choice” comment, I initially just chalked it up to him using shock value as a marketing strategy. You know, the normal attention grabbing shit (good or bad) that’s done to get mass anticipation for something. However,... Read more »

How Black Artists re-framed the narrative of H&M’s egregiously racist Ad

When Art Becomes Activism Yesterday, I witnessed one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my 36 years of life. I saw a man (@mrchrisclassic) challenge negative imagery of a young black boy by making it into something positive. This one act became a catalyst in which artists all over the... Read more »

How Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Proposed Plan for CPS High School Graduates is actually Discriminatory

Today, The Chicago Tribune reported that “Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he wants to require Chicago public school students to get letters of acceptance from a two- or four-year college, a branch of the armed forces or a trade program in order to graduate from high school, he announced Wednesday. He was quoted saying “”You won’t be able... Read more »

Dear Black Women, Please Stop Disrespecting Black Men on Father’s Day

I bet you’re wondering, ‘why is she only talking to black women’? Well here’s why, because I love my people enough to call us on our own shit when we are out of order. That’s why. You see, we (black women) are the biggest offenders of causing dissent, discord, disrespect, and disregarding black men when... Read more »

Why Are We Negating Sexual Abuse and Fetishizing A Child Rapist just because she is ‘Pretty’?

Just this past week, Houston middle-school teacher Alexandria Vera was arrested for sexually abusing one of her students whom she had also become impregnated by. This woman did a heinous and damaging thing to this child whether people realize it or not.  Yet all over the Internet I am seeing something just as disturbing. Not... Read more »

LEMONADE, A drink best served cold

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well this time it came in the form of a tall ass glass of LEMONADE. Now I am not, nor have I ever been the biggest Beyoncé fan, but I swear she has been growing on me long enough to at least become a seasonal member... Read more »

Hidden Brilliance: Appreciating Unconventional (and autistic) Minds

On the Inside “You talk too much” he said to me with disdain. Indeed. At times I do, but its hard not to when you have a million thoughts firing off in your head at the speed of light every other nano-second. So that’s why I started to write, because I realized, that everyone in... Read more »

How Chicago State University Saved My Life and Helped Me Shed the Single Mother Stereotype

Most of you have read the facts and heard the outcries of injustice at the threat of closure that Chicago State University faces. However, many of you still don’t know CSU and why keeping it open saves lives. As a science major, Chicago State University is where I truly learned how to write and present... Read more »