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I remember when I was Star Wars for the first time in 1977. I couldn’t imagine all the things I was seeing, and the score and soundtrack was amazing. I still listen to it and get shivers in my belly it is so good. Forty-two year and nine films later and the opening score still... Read more »

Derrick Davis Brings Intensity and Diversity to Phantom of the Opera

When I got the call that Derrick Davis was returning to Chicago as the star of Phantom of the Opera and I couldn’t wait to have a conversation with him.  When he was here earlier, I was so impressed with his performance and couldn’t help but wonder what it was like play the iconic figure. ... Read more »

Myracle Holloway Definitely Has a VOICE!

I am a true fan of the TV show the VOICE.  I was too excited when I got the call to have a conversation with Myracle Holloway who is a contestant on the show. Myracle how did you get a name spelled like that? Well, that’s the way that it’s spelled, but the name Myracle... Read more »

The Lillian Marcie Theatre – A Conversation with Harry Lennix

Recently there was a press conference announcing the partnership with Chicago TREND and Chicago Community Loan Fund to announce a five-million-dollar investment from Fifth Third Bank designed to finance catalytic commercial development in Chicago. The first borrower supported by the funding is the Lillian Marcie Theatre which will use the capital to develop a new... Read more »

HARRIET, A Film of Pride

“God’s time is always near. He set the North Star in the heavens; He gave me the strength in my limbs; He meant I should be free.”  – Harriet Tubman The story of Harriet Tubman was one, growing up in central Illinois went something like this.  Harriet Tubman was a slave that led people to... Read more »

Eddie Murphy is Amazing in "Dolemite Is My Name"

When I was a little girl once every six months my parents would have their friends over to socialize on a Saturday evening.  They would make sure we kids were in our bedroom with the door closed and music playing but we could still hear their laughter as they enjoyed the comedy of Redd Foxx,... Read more »

The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation Supports Small Chicago Theatre Companies

2019 is the Year of Chicago Theatre! Small theatres across Chicago are evolving their company thanks in part to the Chicago-based Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation which supports more than 50 Chicago small theatre companies with annual budgets below $1 million. These funds help theatres strengthen operations and focus on producing works and furthering initiatives... Read more »


When I first saw the animated film THE LION KING, I thought it was the cutest and funniest film and it was also deep in meaning. The stage play blew me away. I immediately fell in love with the costumes, staging, songs and voices.  I remember my nephews’ eyes in looking in wonder as the... Read more »


When ever there are several sequels to a film you wonder if any of them will be as good as the first.  I saw the original SHAFT starring Richard Roundtree and thought no one could ever play the role like him.  The soundtrack by Issac Hayes was a major character of the film. It was... Read more »


There are many famous films that tell a love story. There are many more that aren’t as well known. THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR is one that I hope doesn’t get lost.  As usual it is the story of two people from different worlds with different beliefs. Natasha comes from a close and loving... Read more »