THE PHOTOGRAPH Is a Picture Perfect Love Story


THE PHOTOGRAPH is a love story, in fact it is two love stories connected by a photograph.

When Christine Eames (Chanté Adams), a renowned photographer dies she leaves her daughter Mae (Issa Rae) a photograph and two letters.  One she has written to her and one to be given to her father.

Christina and Mae were never close, in fact, Mae was never sure if her mother really loved her. As she reads the letter, she finds out so much about her mother and why she was the way she was. Through the letter we are taken back to view the life and love of Christina and her boyfriend Issac (Y’lan Noel – young Issac).  They loved each other but Christina needed more and Issac was content to be where he was.  She wanted to see the world and tell a story through the eye of her camera while Issac just wanted to be devoted to her and live out their lives in their small Louisiana town. Their love story is deep, somewhat predictable but draws you. 548320_m1572815612

After Christine’s death, journalist Michael Brock (Lakeith Stanfield) has the assignment of writing a in depth story about her. He meets Issac (Rob Morgan – older Issac) in Louisiana to get apart of the story of her past. He then comes back to New York and meets Mae and is immediately attracted to her. Their love story begins here. the-photograph-2020-movie-review-lakeith-stanfield-issa-rae-romance

It was refreshing watching a true love story of color that didn’t have any violence, jail time, cheating or affairs. These were two love stories that any one of us may or could have no matter our circumstances or upbringing.

There are a lot of insecurities, commitment issues, and awakenings portrayed in this film.  Writer/Director Stella wrote a heart felt story of two women who loved but had to make hard decisions.

While I found the love story between Christina and Issac a little more interesting than between Mae and Michael.  It felt that Mae and Michael’s story dragged some with the long lingering looks and a few heavy sighs.  I also found the parallels between Christina’s mom and Christina eye opening with the choices they both made at almost the same time of their lives.

THE PHOTOGRAPH is worth spending the money to see it theaters.  I give it 4 out of 5 winks of the EYE.


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