As you walk along Randolph street just west of State Street you will pass the Cambria Hotel.  The very distinguished boutique hotel where some of the actors in town doing shows stay as well as being a wonderful hotel.   You may never guess the wild and amazing things that are happening on the top floor of this beautiful hotel at Spiegeltent ZaZou.

When the elevator opens you step into color, fantasy, and chaotic fun and for the next three hours, yes, I said three hours, you become a part of international comedy, music, cirque acts, and cabaret!  Did I mention that dinner is also a part of all this?


Spiegeltent ZaZou is a mirrored tent and is owned by Madame ZinZanni.  She makes sure that all the crazy members of this wild establishment stay in line.  At any given time, you will find someone popping out of a cake, or spinning on your table, or pulling you up to be a part of the show.  Dinner is not served right away; it too is apart of the crazy fun of the evening.

I have seen Teatro ZinZanni twice now.  Some of the characters change out every 3 months or so you never really know what is going to happen or how.

This last time I saw the production Liv Warfield played the role of Madame ZinZanni.  Her voice and stage presence were amazing.  When I looked at her bio, I should not have been surprised that she toured with PRINCE as a member of the New Power Generation.

This role was something new and different. She told me that she had to give in to what the tent gave her, whether it is good or bad because there was so much energy there. She explained that the tent is over a hundred years old and all kinds of energy is flowing through it, so she just said okay and let the energy take her.  It’s different every night.


I must mention Alseny Slylla who is an aerialist. He flies with a big smile on his face and the strength of a lion. He has been doing acrobatics since he was nine years old in West Africa and has performed in so many places before becoming a part of this company and living in Chicago.  He told me that the one thing he loves the most in Teatro ZinZanni is connecting with the crowd, and making them laugh, playing with them, and bringing them into the show.

The band is amazing, and the acts are mind-blowing.  However, sometimes the comedy bits tend to go on a little too long.  With that said, every act is wonderfully done.

The evening includes a four-course dinner, which the first time I saw it the food was much better than this last time.

The price, depending on the performance and seating area runs from $99 to $157 per ticket.

If you are looking for something different, a little crazy, kind of romantic, and intriguing I say Teatro ZinZanni is the place for you.


I give this performance 3 out of 5 winks of the eye!

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!



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