Myracle Holloway Definitely Has a VOICE!

I am a true fan of the TV show the VOICE.  I was too excited when I got the call to have a conversation with Myracle Holloway who is a contestant on the show.


Myracle how did you get a name spelled like that?

Well, that’s the way that it’s spelled, but the name Myracle was given to me. My legal name is Myracle Holloway and was given to me by a pastor. It was based on my story, the different things that I had been through my childhood, my teenage years, and the abuse and stuff that I’ve been through, and just the different challenges that I’ve faced in my life. For me to be just still here in my right mind and comprehending and not talking to myself is a blessing.

I happened to see The Voice, and I was praying, I said, “Turn around, y’all turn around. This girl is singing her butt off, please, please turn around.” I wanted my guy John Legend to turn around, but you ended up with the right one with Gwen. How did you get ready to go on The Voice? I mean what was that thought pattern?

Oh, the preparation was very intense for me. For me when I’m preparing for something as big as The Voice, I tend to tune everything out because I have to be careful about the voices that I allow in my ear. Because people, they may mean well, but then when you get a lot of people saying, having their opinions, it’s just so many different opinions, and you can get off track. And so, in preparing for this, I didn’t even let a lot of people know that I was auditioning for The Voice. Even a lot of my family members, close family members, I didn’t let know until it was done.

I’ve always wondered, how do you get on the show? Do you audition and then they choose you and then you get to go in front for the blind audition.?

So how it works is, well for me, what happened was a casting agency, they reached out to me on Instagram. They found my music and they found me and asked me to audition for the show. And even though you have to audition, you still have to go through the same protocol and everything. So, I auditioned, I made my first audition and this is the off-camera audition. And then the second audition is where you audition in front of the executives. And if they like you and if they hear something and they like your story, then you have opportunity to audition and do the blind audition. And it was over 50,000 people that audition for The Voice.

Oh my gosh.

Yes. So, for me to even be at this point, I’ve already won. Just the fact that I had an opportunity to be in front of millions of people and for the blind audition, only 48 are going to make it. So, when it’s time for the blind audition there, I believe close to maybe like 300 people. So, everybody is not going to have an opportunity. So, I again, I feel blessed, I feel honored, I’m grateful. I know it’s my time. I know it’s my season that this is my moment and it’s bigger than me. I was of that 48.

I’m sitting in my bed watching The Voice, I wonder how they are feeling when they’re going in front of the celebrities … Getting ready to do the blind audition and what if someone doesn’t turn around right away. What was going through your mind?

At first, I was wondering like, “Hey, are they going to turn around?” But I quickly zoned back in and focused on being in the moment and focusing on my singing and focusing on just being the best that Myracle can be. My main thing was for me to sing my heart out and for me to sing like it’s always going to be my last time I ever sing again. I’m big on that. I believe you’re supposed to sing like it’s going to be your last time you ever sing again because you never know. And every opportunity, whether I’m in front of five people, 5 million people, I’m going to give the same energy.

So how did you decide to go with Gwen Stefani?

There was just … My inner spirit said to go with Gwen, to just choose her number one that was just, she exudes this certain amount of strength and power that I love. She’s very talented. She was able to see my heart connected with my voice and not just hear me sing, but she heard the heart of me through my singing and she could hear the purity and the honesty in my voice and I guess really felt like she would be a great fit for me because she’s fierce. And from knowing her story with relationship that she had been in when she did that song with No Doubt, Don’t Speak. That song spoke to me in so many ways and just to see the growth of her over the years and her fashion, her swag, just everything about her just represents girl power and I just have to be on her team.

So, what have you learned that you didn’t up to this point? What have you learned that you didn’t know that was in you or about you?

What can I say? What did I learn? Oh, I want to say I learned, but I knew that it was in me. What I experienced is that no matter the fear that I was feeling, because I honestly was feeling nervous for my blind audition, but I still pushed through. I’ve been nervous before and I’ll just share this with you. There’s been times where I had an anxiety, like really, really, really bad. When I say anxiety, really bad, the walls literally felt like they were closing in on me while I was singing, and I had to push through that. Everybody else, they don’t know from the outside looking in, but inside it felt like torment. I feel like it was just internally being tormented because of the anxiety, because I was always worried about, “Oh, what are people thinking?” “Do I sound right or that dah, dah, dah.” Just so much in my head and for me to push through and to be on that stage and not feel that anxiety, but just the nervousness and to push through it just showed me, “Hey girl, you got it. You know what? No matter what you’re feeling, you still continue to push through.” And it just lets me know that I have more strength in me than I knew.

Now the other part I fussed at the TV about is when it gets down to the battles.  I think that the battle should be between one of John Legend’s people and then one of Gwen’s people instead of you guys battling out within the same team. How is that feeling going up in the battles?

Oh wow. At the beginning it was a little intimidating because the young lady who I was a battling, Elise, very talented, amazing voice, amazing gift, and she’s a vocal coach, vocal teacher. So, at the beginning it was a little intimidating. But for me, I quickly snapped out of that and I just had to say to myself, “But you’re here, you’re here because you’re supposed to be. Okay? You’re not a vocal coach, but you’re Myracle. You don’t sing like this, but you sing like this. This is the gift that God has given you.” And for me, I’m big on … I get so sensitive about this stuff. I’m not sensitive, but I’m just passionate because the main thing is just to focus on myself and my gift, what I’m supposed to do, what my mission is, what my assignment is, what my purpose is.

So, I can’t look to the left. I can’t look to the right. I just focus on being the best that Myracle can be because there’s going to be many singers that can sing circles around me and I’m sure of it and doing all these runs and acrobatic stuff and singing all these octaves, but it doesn’t matter. No one can beat me at being me. I can only be Myracle and I just give it my all and no one can sing my story for me and people don’t have my life experiences. So when it came to the battle, I just did me and I own the stage and” I own the moment and I just said, I’m going to give it my all.” I really didn’t know what the outcome was going to be, so when I won my battle, I was just thinking, I was happy, and I was excited. I was just happy and excited. Yeah …

I was happy and excited too. I got to say … Even though you’re not from Chicago, you have some pretty strong musical roots here in Chicago.

Yes, I do. I have some very strong musical roots. My great grandmother, Frances Cartwright, was a singer, well known gospel songwriter, she lived here in Chicago. She lived next door to Mahalia Jackson. Mahalia Jackson would come over to my great grandmother’s house and they would sing together. They would sing together.

What is it about Chicago that you like and what is it about Chicago that you want to know?

I love the people. I love the buildings. I love the structure of the buildings here. The architectural work is just amazing. I love the hot dogs. The Polish, if I’m saying it right. The Polish dogs or the Polish … I love the pizza. The pizza is good. Pizza’s not healthy, but it’s good. The Chicago pizza is good.

And have you learned how to step yet?

No, I’m, I’m going to learn how to step and I’m going to make sure that I have one of the songs that it’s going to be on my project will definitely be for the steppers. I have to give it up to my Chicago roots here. So, I have to have a song that will allow the steppers to step to my music. So yes.

Okay. So, let’s get back quick before we end to The Voice. We want everybody to tune in.  How much longer are we going to have to wait before we find out?

 I’m waiting for the knockout month for my knockout round because I won the battle. So next are the knockout rounds and I should be … I’m hoping to be aired either this week. Well next week that’s coming up or the week after, but it should be one of those days. But even if I’m not on next week or the week after, the knockout rounds are going to be amazing. There are some amazing, amazing contestants on there and I make this knockout round … God willing, then it’s going to be time to vote. I’m going to need everybody to vote. You can wear tee shirts, Team Myracle, whatever you need to do to promote me because again, as I say, and I’ll say over and over again, it’s so much bigger than me. It’s bigger than me just being on that stage. There are so many people who have given up on their dreams. They’ve lost hope. I’m one of the oldest contestants on the show. I’m one of the oldest contestants on the show. I’m 44 years young. Thank you, Jesus.

You look young.

Thank you. I know that I’m supposed to be on that stage, that platform at the time, such as this, 44 years young, and it’s to prove and to let people know that age is nothing but a number. Age is nothing but a number. And I believe as long as you have breath in your body, you can get up, you can move around, you can do the things that you want to do. Look … The sky is not the limit because there’s so much beyond the sky. And I believe that if you have the breath in your body, and if you do, you’re listening to me, watching me, hearing me right now, then you have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

Well, Myracle we wish you luck and we will be watching.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the Sky!

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