Eddie Murphy is Amazing in "Dolemite Is My Name"

When I was a little girl once every six months my parents would have their friends over to socialize on a Saturday evening.  They would make sure we kids were in our bedroom with the door closed and music playing but we could still hear their laughter as they enjoyed the comedy of Redd Foxx, Slappy White, and Moms Mabley.  In the 70’s I was a college girl and would listen to Rudy Ray Moore’s The Signifying Monkey and laugh till tears ran down my cheeks.  We had to go to Chicago to see the film “Dolemite” because Bloomington, Illinois wasn’t ready for it.

When I heard that Eddie Murphy was going to do “Dolemite is My Name,” to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was a good fit.  I am so happy and excited to admit I was so wrong


It is a fantastic movie with a strong story of a man who wanted to be famous and found a way to do it.  I can’t see anyone other than Eddie Murphy playing Rudy Ray Moore.  He doesn’t portray him as the Dolemite character but the man who created him.  He introduces us to the man who can talk his way into almost anything. A man who is loyal to his friends and people. A man who is caring and resourceful.  Eddie Murphy was very respectful to the spirit of Rudy Ray Moore.  He could have gone in many directions with the character.


Eddie Murphy hired all the comedians and performers we have seen coming up over the past 20 years.  Wesley Snipes is priceless as the arrogant actor turned director, D’Urville Martin.  Craig Robinson, Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Keegan-Michael Key, and Mike Epps are all funny and true to character.  The one person that almost steals the film is Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Lady Reed.  She is a Tony nominated Stage actress with a soulful voice, great timing, and works the camera to the inth degree. eddie-murphy-mike-epps-craig-robinson-tituss-burgess-and-davine-joy-randolph

The screen chemistry between she and Eddie is electric and I do see her name on a few award nominations.

I must mention the costume designs of the legendary Ruth E. Carter.  I remember wearing some those outfits and colors back in the day. And you couldn’t tell my Afro wasn’t as big as Angela Davis!   She is spot on of the 60’s and 70’s era. bonnie_0130_a

Dolemite is My Name will be released on Netflix the end of October.  It is rated R and not fit for Children.  There is nudity, sexual content, and profanity.  Take an old school tip, Tuck them in bed, give then a video game, close the door and laugh till your sides hurt.

I give Dolemite is My Name 4 out of 4 winks of the eye!


Until next time, Keep your eye to the sky!



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