When ever there are several sequels to a film you wonder if any of them will be as good as the first.  I saw the original SHAFT starring Richard Roundtree and thought no one could ever play the role like him.  The soundtrack by Issac Hayes was a major character of the film. It was the bomb! (Did I just date myself?)  When Samuel Jackson starred in SHAFT in 2000, I was so happy that they didn’t try to replace Richard Roundtree but made him the son of the original private detective.  Now, we have a third generation of SHAFT and it is interesting, funny, and different.

The 2019 version stands up to the first.  It is funny, great to see all three shafts on screen and the soundtrack is still the bomb.

Shaft II has a more private reason for helping his son and it has nothing to do with JJ’s friend or even JJ.

This Shaft is fun.  Jesse T. Usher is really working this role.  You see him grow into a good mixture of the previous Shafts.

Watching Richard Roundtree, Samuel Jackson, and Jesse T. Usher on screen together is magic.  They each have their own interpretations of their characters and it blends so well. samuel-l-jackson-richard-roundtree-and-jessie-t-usher-in-shaft-2019


I know you can over do something, but I really want to see what comes next for the three generations of SHAFT.

Go see SHAFT in the theaters but please do not take small children to see this film.  There is cursing, sexual references and not suitable for children.

Until next time keep your EYE to the sky!






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