Lying for the Lord

Watching the news of the Republican Supreme Court’s avowed desire to take possession of women’s medical decisions, is there any doubt where this goes next? Never doubt that they will come after your birth control, your gay marriage rights, etc.

The historical male fetishation of the uniquely female ability to bring forth life is why too many males of the current human species exhibit anger, jealousy and envy toward the females of the species. From Orthodox Jews to ISIS, the Taliban to the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelicals and Republican Party, all demand absolute possession of and rule over women’s uteruses.

This must end.

When my Smith College daughter told me about a book I simply must read, I did so. Margaret Attwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t a story, but a prognostication of what was to come in my life. Figuratively moved from fiction to nonfiction in libraries as in reality women wombs become the chattel property of the Republican State. But as libraries are scourged of books by self-described conservatives whose only wish is to conserve their power, these things are happening.

So when will the patrimony of religions remove its long snout out from under female skirts? Given the childhood brainwashing by religions, probably never. With religion’s full-time, 7-day a week, very well funded lobbyist work, all religions should all be taxed to the hilt. They clearly can afford it.

As for the myth of thel neutral legitimacy of the Supreme Court that was instilled into my malleable brain as gospel in my high school civics class, all of that was a lie. Power trumps precedent. When asked by Senators about stare decisis or if Rowe is settled law, judicial candidates cross their fingers behind their backs and lie. Once in power, what does truth matter? No would dare say that a Justice just lied to the US Senate.

When the Republican SCOTUS’s decisions are handed down from the bench, the rich and powerful will win more wealth and power as corporations need more wombs to ejaculate the uneducated poor to keep the grind of cheap labor filling the rich and powerful’s coffers.

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