Welcome to 3rd World America in the time of coronavirus

Having for years said that the USA had devolved into a third world, banana republic, tragically in these chaotic days of coronavirus this is proving all too true.

  • A young father in Brooklyn needed an adult thermometer, but couldn’t buy one for love or money either online or on the streets of New York City. Decrying this 3rd world shortage in a tweet that his 70-year old parents read, they wrapped up their one electronic thermometer and for the first time in two weeks, went to the post office to send it to him. After all, they still had two mercury thermometers. One in Celsius from years living abroad in the 3rd world where shortages of simple things was common.
  • A hospital RN in Western Massachusetts on health leave due to pre-existing condition, got an email from a staffing agency. unnamed-6Good afternoon, this is Lorna w/trustaff. Any chance you’re available to help with COVID19 needs in NY? We just got new needs there, $4896/gross (est.$4200 net) for 48 hour guarantees. They also have 36 hour guarantees for $3800 gross est. $3400 net. We offer referral bonuses if you know of anyone available, they are desperate for help. If interested, please fill out an application.”


  • As has been reported by multiple sources and the informative daily briefings by Governor Cuomo of New York State, without serious Federal leadership to organize life-saving ventilators, PPEs, face shields, gloves and masks for hospitals and first responders, America’s 50 states have been forced to bid not only against each other, but also against the muscle of the Federal Government. This Balkanization of our union more resembles a demented version of the Hunger Games than of the saying “united we stand, divided we fall.”
  • And then there is Rhode Island. As reported by NBC News, “Rhode Island police, troops stopping incoming New Yorkers to enforce quarantine“. When the family of American citizens views other citizenry as the other, who will stop the madness?

Civilization is a thin veneer that humans create, as fragile as a butterfly’s wing it can easily and quickly devolve into something no sane person wants. Don’t let it be crushed under the vacuum of a leaderless ship of state. We are all part of the family of humans, remember that and live the ethics we claim to espouse.



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