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My Buick Verano Adventure

My Buick Verano Adventure
This last week you’ve probably run around celebrating the birthday of our great nation.  You’ve probably tried to balance work (or lack there of), family, friends and your workout! I, like you, had to balance all of these things in the week leading up to Fourth of July.  Buick, one of the oldest American automobile... Read more »

Cinco De Miler in Pictures: What went on during the celebratory run

Let the racing begin.
This weekend was full of festivities and Ram Racing was in on the celebration.  Ram racing held their second annual Cinco de Miler race at Montrose Harbor Sunday.  As part of the media team, I went to check out the festivities.  I didn’t run, I’ve been having issues with my hamstring.  I wanted to be... Read more »

Running with Nike to get to the end of the rainbow...


Fitness Tip: Working out despite the rainy Chicago Weather

I don’t know about anybody else but this rain is putting a damper on everything.  Especially my motivation to walk around the city. I find myself hopping in a cab instead of walking to my destination.   Which in turns, cuts into my daily physical activity. Everybody knows this city livens up in the summer. ... Read more »