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The bigger issue about Blackhawks fans being denied in Tampa no one is talking about

The bigger issue about Blackhawks fans being denied in Tampa no one is talking about
If you haven’t heard, which I hope you have, the Blackhawks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!  With an exciting Game 7 win over the Anaheim Ducks, the Blackhawks will be going after Lord Stanley for the third time in the last six years! The Blackhawks are set to face the Tampa Bay Lightning... Read more »

Blackhawks Stanley Cup Game

What a great night!
Here is a look at the Blackhawks first Stanley Cup Finals Game.  I had a great time and am so grateful to have been able to see it in person.   Hope you all had a fun and fit, weekend!

Professional Athletes in the Olympics?

The Winter Olympics have ended and I am a little sad.  I got used to having something new and exciting to watch.  Phenomenal athletes, courageous performances and exciting wins.  Especially the hockey series with a phenomenal ending game between Canada and the United States.  With 27.6 million viewers, it was one of the most watched... Read more »

Shooting the puck at the Blackhawks game tonight

I am very excited today because I am shooting the puck at the Blackhawks game tonight.  I’m thrilled to have another opportunity to be a part of an awesome tradition.  How will I do you wonder? Well I will tell you that I have prepared for this just like I did for throwing out the... Read more »

Get in shape with the Chicago Blackhawks

Looking for a fun way to keep your heart in shape?  Check out the Chicago Blackhawks’ Training Camp Festival on September 19th.  Do your body some good and sign up for the 5k run or walk, or the 10k skate.  The race starts early at 8am or 9 am.  Running the 5k will burn approximately... Read more »