My Buick Verano Adventure

My Buick Verano Adventure
This last week you’ve probably run around celebrating the birthday of our great nation.  You’ve probably tried to balance work (or lack there of), family, friends and your workout! I, like you, had to balance all of these things in the week leading up to Fourth of July.  Buick, one of the oldest American automobile companies still in existence today*, was awesome enough to loan me a brand new Buick Verano for a week.  
I got the keys to my Buick Verano on June 26th, my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me! What a great way to start off the day. The car got delivered and it was none other than a beautiful striking red, my favorite color (Go Bulls!).  The second I got in I was ridiculously impressed.  I have heard many people’s perceptions of Buick being “an older person’s car”.  Let me tell you, this baby is not!

With sleek leather, a huge screen for all the fun stuff cars do now like; navigation, apps, the weather and so much more, a really comfy back seat and one of the largest trunk spaces I’ve ever seen.  I know all this because I put teenagers in the back seat, loaded the trunk up with two massive suitcases and bags and used the nav to get me everywhere I needed to be that week.  In case you’re wondering, there’s also some killer pick up on this car.
It was sporty, classy and functional.   It also gets awesome gas mileage in case you were wondering.  I wanted to take this baby everywhere, so I did.  I drove it around Chicago, to the gym, on the highway to the suburbs, to play mini golf, out to lunch, etc. Everywhere I went the car got looks, and I just smiled signifying yah it’s an awesome car.
The Buick Verano is an awesome car for the active busy lifestyle we all lead today.  Especially when you’re looking to go for a run and head to one of my favorite places the path on Lake Shore Drive.  Sometimes there’s no better adventure than rediscovering one of your favorite places.  I love to head south on my run from Navy Pier, with the water to my left I soak in Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, the Loop and then all the museums.  The Field Museum, the only building left standing from the 1893 World’s Fair (one of my fave facts about it) and you can even take the path around the Shedd Aquarium.  There’s just nothing like this view in the summer.  Every landmark is a goal for me, knowing as I pass each one I’m closer to the end of my running goal.  This route will get you close to a 2.5 mile distance round trip-5k anyone?

Functionality is key for my job.  I’m a trainer and I want to help make everyone else’s body run and feel better. This car is the perfect companion and a great way to do it! To help keep you on your toes Buick is challenging you to seek out new adventure with the Runs Worth the Drive Challenge! What is your favorite place to run? I’m not much of a runner, but this challenge definitely gets me excited to move.  Seek out adventure and hit a new trail, drive the car to a new place and start logging those miles with the MapMyRun App. The goal is 5 miles per week for six weeks! After logging your miles, a random drawing will select the winner, who will get an all expense paid trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona.  Another adventure you can put in the books!
So head out there and start your journey. You won’t regret it. Join the Challenge here: 
Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 
*According to Wikipedia Buick page
** Buick loaned me the car for one week.  The opinions written above are solely my own.  I genuinely loved this car!

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