Mid-Week Inspiration: Koni Dole returns to the gridiron after leg amputation

It’s a short work week so I’m throwing up some mid-week motivation.  This story is truly inspiring and amazing.  Koni Dole, a Huntley Project High School student, was injured playing football last year.  The doctors told him his base case scenario was to amputate his leg.  Can you imagine making that decision as an active teenager?! Doctor’s even told him he would never play football again.  Boy we’re they wrong.

Koni Dole returned to football, and in his first game back made two touchdowns!  He is truly an inspiration.  An example of how hard work and determination can help you overcome what other’s believe is impossible.

No matter what your obstacle of today is, big or small,  face it with: hope, determination and confidence.  The impossible happens every day, go get it!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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