Tyra Banks, champion or hypocrite?

Tyra Banks is in some hot water with fans after an advertisement for America’s Next Top Model features a contestant with an extremely thin waist.  Tyra Banks, whose promoted women of all sizes, said she likes the 6’2 girl with the shockingly tiny waist. It is so small a man can wrap his hands almost completely around it.  If you’re having a hard time visualizing here you go: 



Much of the public has been in an uproar that Tyra Banks would even allow that clip to be used as a promotion for America’s Next Top Model.  I mean, the woman did tell everyone to “kiss her fat *ss” when the media tore her apart over swimsuit photos of herself surfaced.  See here:

Tyra, has said herself that she was a very thin teen.  That no matter what she did, she could not gain weight.  Clearly, Tyra has experienced many different body shapes over her lifetime.  Tyra has been made fun of as a thing teen, glorified for her body as a Victoria’s Secret Model (where she was considered full figured compared to the other women) and ridiculed for gaining weight. 

So many people are calling Tyra a hypocrite for the thin waist clip promoting her show.  I don’t think she’s a hypocrite.  Tyra has promoted women of ALL sizes.  (I hope this girl has this waist because of a really high metabolism and not an eating disorder).  And all sizes means thin women and large women.  Do I think that clip was the best advertisement for the show or for Tyra? No.  But America’s Next Top Model is a show that provides entertainment.  The entertainment industry wants ratings and viewers.  

Tyra has issued an apology posted on PEOPLE Magazine.  

What are your thoughts about Tyra, the America’s Next Top Model contestant and body images?

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.   


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  • Assuming that the slender girl featured in the ad is healthy, I agree with you. I struggled with my body image throughout high school, because I was "too" thin. I remember classmates telling me to "eat a cheeseburger" and "put on some pounds." People would ask if I was anorexic, and then assume I was bulimic after they saw how much I ate. It was frustrating, because I actually just had a fast metabolism!

    I don't think many people realize that women of ALL sizes have body image issues, and it's important for us to celebrate bodies of all sizes. I see no reason for this woman not to appear in the ad just because she's particularly thin.

  • I agree with you both! As long as there is no medical issue here and this is just the genetic card she was dealt, kudos to Tyra for going to other extreme of the scope and allowing the ever so, skinny girl audition for the show!

  • Although Tyra has on occasion gotten on my last nerve, I will say

  • I have fallen victim to ANTM quite a few times in however long the show has been on, but what sickens me is their view on sizes. I want to smack every one of those judges for saying a size 10-14 is a plus sizes. To me a plus size is anything that has to be found in the plus size section of the women's store that says 18 and up. I know I am no skinny beauty that will grace the cover of any magazine, but I am also not one that is buying my close in the large section or Lane Bryant. People, size 10-12 is not that large to be considered plus size! People are beautiful at all sizes and we should accept that. The only exception is when it starts to effect your health and over all standard of life.

    As for the skinny chick, so what, they are all skinny and unhealthy looking in my books. I was caught watching an episode from a few seasons ago that was airing on some channel this weekend (marathon) and one of the girls that was sent home had the flattest stomach I have sever seen. Se also had the face of a horse so there you go. Could be that she has an eating disorder, could be genetics or it could be that she has been wearing a corset for years and it is a type of body modification she has done to herself. We shall never know till we tune into the new season, will we?

    I am not saying love fat chicks and hate skinny chicks or vice versa! Men and women love everyone as they are and who cares about the size. We shall already have a tone of teens that are starving themselves because they want to look like that girl all because of society. Do we really want to send a message to kids that being super thin is how the world should really be?

    Also, for all you doctors out there calling your patients fat and you can't seem to get your own fat ass to a gym, stop it. Don't be a hypocrite!

    That is all for now :-)

    *jumps off soapbox*

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