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Oh the Madness: WCR's First Ever March Madness Pool

Chasse Rehwinkel

I gamble, therefore I write...or I write, therefore I gamble...honestly, they're pretty similar professions…

March Madness.jpg there really any explanation necessary?

It's almost that crucial time of year again. When degenerate gamblers, bracketologists and college sports nuts face-off in a no-holds-bar battle over their predictions of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament--AKA March Madness--only to have all their planing be for naught when some last minute player's "bracket based on the coolness of a team's mascot" strategy proves to be the tops.

...anyway, bitterness aside, welcome to the First Annual WCR March Madness Pool. Much like our playoff fantasy football league, anyone can join and play against their favorite ChicagoNow personalities.

Some points before we get started:

  • Although I am against it morally--HAHAHAHAHA--you can create more than one bracket if you wish. Just know that everyone will be judging you.

  • Yes, like with the playoff fantasy football league, I will be posting my picks on the blog with analysis. Feel free to copy if you must--I would recommend the "mascot" strategy over following my insane ramblings, however.

  • Like with the playoff fantasy football league, the winner of the pool will be interviewed for a features article on the Windy City Rounder.
All right, to join the league just go to ESPN Fantasy and select the "Tournament Challenge."

The league is "ChicagoNow Madness." No password is needed.

If you are having trouble post in the comment box below.

In the wise words of Cubbie Julie "Oh, it's so on!"

Good luck everyone!




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Tory said:


And don't forget that I get to write an article if I beat you!

Get ready! I am so pumped!

Alex Quigley said:



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