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CPC Day 4: The Donkey, Captain and Pizza Delivery Guy

Chasse Rehwinkel

I gamble, therefore I write...or I write, therefore I gamble...honestly, they're pretty similar professions…

Final Table EVENT 3 IMPDI.jpg

(Courtesy of IMPDI)

Monday, a D-Day of sorts. Not only was one of the more prestigious events--Event 3 the $560 pot limit Omaha/no limit hold'em half and half--playing out to a champion, but yours truly, the Windy City Rounder, was set to play in the $350 no limit hold'em six-max event.

It was time to show the world--by which I mean the tourney pros at the Horseshoe Casino--the skills that haven't quite yet made me a legend...and I, unfortunately, did not disappoint...

Event 4 ($350 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max) Day 1 Recap

I think my only two live tweets of my progress in the six-max event best explain my performance:


  1. Chasse Rehwinkel
    Chicago_Rounder Alright, palying and live tweeting today for the 6 max
  2. Chasse Rehwinkel
    Chicago_Rounder Out, lost a few coin flips
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

If you're wondering the exact times these were sent, it was 11:49 a.m. for the first one, 1:32 p.m. for the second...yeah the day didn't go so well for your Windy City Rounder.

And you know what? I could blame my quick departure on bad luck--I lost my share of coin flips early--or lack of sleep--don't get me started--but when it comes down to it, I just didn't play that well.

I'm done discussing it; moving on.

Event 4 was able to get down to a final 30, which was the money bubble, with the chips spread out pretty evenly amongst the final group. One of the leaders, though, is Event 1 champion Tim Barney, who looked good throughout the day in his bid for a return visit to the winner's circle..

EV01 Tim Barney IMPDI.jpg

Seriously dude, get on that lottery ticket thing (Courtesy of IMPDI)

Anyway, the final 30 will return today, Tuesday, March 2, to play down to a winner...although I don't see why you would care with your favorite rounder already knocked out...

Event 3 ($560 Pot Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold'em, Half and Half) Results:

This was probably the event I was looking the most forward to covering. The $1,000 heads-up event looks exciting and of course I'm interested in the Main Event, but the half and half is my all-time favorite mix.

It's probably my favorite because Omaha is my favorite game and the half and half format tends to draw in hold'em players--AKA bad Omaha players. All I know is that it creates an interesting flow to the game that is totally unlike a normal no limit tourney.

So I was least I thought I was until I saw the structure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the structure was bad. In fact it was excellent..too excellent. There was so much play to the tournament that at 3 a.m. the final table was still playing out six-handed, and at 5 a.m. three still remained.


Make up a winner, I don't care! Just end this thing!

Of course with so much play, the final table of Event 3 was bound to have some strong talent.

There were higher limit cash game pros from the Horseshoe, lower level tournament grinders from Milwaukee and even a five-time WSOP bracelet winner, "Captain" Tom Franklin, who was able to talk to me for a few minutes just after he busted out fourth from the marathon final table.

Tom Franklin IMPDI.jpg

The Captain (Courtesy of IMPDI)

Windy City Rounder: All right, so how did the tournament go for you Tom?

Captain Tom Franklin: It went good, but it's just too long. I mean it's a great structure, but to have 134 runners and then to play for 26, 28 hours, I mean that's just too long for that short of a field. But it was enjoyable, it was fun. I mean you can't ever complain when you get a paycheck.

WCR: What brings you to Chicago?

Franklin: A couple things. The heads-up tournament is inviting, the $350,000 added is certainly also inviting, but I'm also showing off my new game, Blackjack Tie to a few of the local casinos. I guess it's mixing business with...other business. So I brought the family, to check out the city because we're here for ten days.

WCR: What do you think of the series so far?

Franklin: Good, I've gone deep in both events I've played in so far. I've managed to pick up some change. This one was tough because the Omaha players, you know, they play good here.

WCR: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Franklin: Ah, no. I mean the series has been great Rob (Bell)* runs a good tournament. It's been fun.

*Rob Bell is the tournament director for the Chicago Poker Classic.

So who managed to stave off exhaustion long enough to take down the title, you ask? Well, that's actually a little more difficult to answer then you would normally think.

When Brian Weissenburger, a 25 year-old player from Milwaukee, and local cash game pro Paul "Walnuts" Bianchi entered heads-up play a deal was struck that divided the remaining money--$38,477 in total--in half. Bianchi then gave the title and $1,500 to Wissenburger for the $3,000 Main Event seat.

So it looks like Weissenburger wins, right? Well, technically Harrahs Casinos don't recognize deals so whoever won the seat, in this case Bianchi, won the tournament.

I'm willing to say there were two winners, but in fairness to the technical way of doing things, here are the official results for Event 3:


Paul "Walnuts" Bianchi

Chicago, IL



Brian Weissenburger

Milwaukee, WI



Charlse Casavant III

Avilla, IN



"Captain" Tom Franklin

Gulfport, MS



Frank Maggio

Calumet City, IL



Joe Messineo

Downers Grove, IL



Andrew Mackow

Chicago, IL



Sheera Eby

Willow Springs, IL



Alec Milam

Chicago, IL


*Deal made with two left giving Wissenburger a little less than $21,000 and Bianchi a little less than $18,000 and the Main Event seat.

Because of the confusion about who finished first I ended up doing winner's interviews with both Bianchi and Weissenburger.

While Weissenburger's comments were obviously well thought out--or at least well thought out for 5:30 a.m.--and clear, I felt Bianchi's interview better captured the feeling of total exhaustion everyone felt following the tournament's conclusion.

So in order to be fair, here is a winner's picture featuring Weissenburger and a winner's interview with Bianchi...enjoy.

Wissenburger Champion IMPDI.jpg

Weissenburger: Champion A (Courtesy of IMPDI)

Wind City Rounder: So how do you feel about winning?

Paul "Walnuts" Bianchi (Champion 1): It feels great. Needed the money, came in good and I'm happy.

WCR: So do you have any plans for the money?

Bianchi: Yeah, I'm going straight to the dice table. Next question.

Mass laughter from remaining crowd

WCR: Future goals for poker?

Bianchi: Win it all.

More laughter

WCR: Online poker or live?

Bianchi: Live.

WCR: Reasons?

Bianchi: Hookers, dice, money.'

Again, lots of laughing

WCR: How did you get started in poker?

Bianchi: My mother.

Bam! Paulie was on for his interview. 40 sweet seconds, every answer quick an clever. The final table may have been long, but Bianchi showed in his final interview his ability to keep a sharp mind even after a really long session.

Random Stuff From Day 4

  • A couple of the players in Event 3 started complaining, jokingly, that they should be able to smoke during play. One sharp dealer chimed in, "If I can't smoke you can't. When I finally can, knock yourself out, but until then not a chance."
  • The official payout for Event 3 had 14 players making the money, but after battling for hours with 16 left all the remaining players decided to pony-up $100, ensuring that 15th and 16th place would get $800 for their trouble.

  • Tenth-place finisher John Fotta wrote under poker acomplishments for his press form, "I had a full house and beat my grandma's trips in a $.25-.50 stud game once." Just thought that was interesting.

  •  I have huge appreciation for seventh-place finisher Andrew Mackcow, who made a long final day for Event 3 feel more interesting with his constant table talk and often penalized behavior. A true character, Mackcow was a pleasure to listen to but probably not fun to play with.

Andrew Talking IMPDI.jpg

Mackow in his familiar state: Excitedly conversing (Courtesy of IMPDI)

  • The complete opposite of Mackcow, fifth-place finisher Frank Maggio literally said zero words while I was covering the event. Bianchi actually once commented, in a straight face while pointing at Maggio, "I fold, but I have one thing to say. Can you please cut out the all the comments. It's getting a little much."

  • Sheera Eby, who ended up in eighth, has the distinction of holding two titles at the series so far: Top female finisher in a tournament and worst beat taken at a final table. Not to rattle on about bad beat stories, but Eby got her money in good against eventual sixth-place finisher Joe Messineo during an Omaha round with a ten high straight. Messineo had only an eight high straight with a backdoor flush draw, which Eby had two blockers to. You see where this is going? Perfect, perfect, Messineo makes his backdoor draw and eliminates Eby...brutal. 
  • Finally, Champion A, Brian Weissenburger asked me if he'd plug his employer, Best Toppers Pizza out of Wisconsin, because they've been real flexible in the past about letting him play poker for days at a time. Weissenburger stated that he works as a delivery driver for the pizza joint. Sure Brian, now you better be here in 30 minutes with my large extra cheese or no tip for you!

Wissenburger IMPDI .jpg

"Okay, I wanted one eight Hawaiian, two thirds with anchovies, with one tenth of the anchovies on the peppers and onions section...are you getting this all down?!?"

Be sure to check back throughout the week for more updates as they come!



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pizza guy said:

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Great Article. One problem. You forgot an E in my last name. It is Weissenburger not Wissenburger. Tough name when you are writing an article at 7 am.
- Pizza Delivery Guy

Chasse Rehwinkel said:


Sorry about that man, looked like just an "I" on your form. All fixed!

pizza guy said:

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Sorry about that. Thanks for the correction. Good luck.

andrewm said:

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hey chasse nice article. could you please do me a favor and change my name in the article. it is andrew mackow not andrew madcov. i would really appreciate it. if you are every at the shoe come say hi. i will be at the omaha table playing just as bad as i did in the tournament.


Chasse Rehwinkel said:


Wow, I really couldn't read those press forms. Sorry Andrew. All fixed!

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