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2010's Crazy Super Bowl Props

Chasse Rehwinkel

I gamble, therefore I write...or I write, therefore I gamble...honestly, they're pretty similar professions…

Well it's that time of year again, when degenerate gamblers come out of the woodwork to bet on pretty much anything related to the NFL's big game.

Oh, you thought it was only about who wins or the point spread? You're probably still under the impression that betting on which player will score first or the over/under on the jersey number of the guy who scores last are edgy bets.

No, no, no my friend, let me enlighten you on the world of crazy Super Bowl prop bets with ten of this year's best.

Note: You'll notice that the majority of the "craziest prop bets" come from one site, Bodog. Bodog as of late has become the online prop betting Mecca and is one of the few sites that still panders to the extreme prop bet. It's not that I'm trying to favor Bodog, it's just...geez...look what you can lose money on!



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DrexxMac said:

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Hey, "props" on finding that gatorade picture man, that was gold.

Also, do you and the Goose want to have a "Who can win the most crazy super bowl props?" prop? Let me know!

Chasse Rehwinkel said:


I know goose is looking to do that with his column this week so I don't think so but he's doing some interesting research into the Gatorade one, so check that out.

Goose said:


Hold your horses there Rounder! You saying that the Goose isn't down for some absolutely ridiculous bets? Come on now, this is the guy who proposed bets on Shaq Vs. Let's hammer out the details, I'm in.

Tory said:


You guys have some serious problems...

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