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Play Poker, Help Haiti

Chasse Rehwinkel

I gamble, therefore I write...or I write, therefore I gamble...honestly, they're pretty similar professions…

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the struggling nation of Haiti, killing tens of thousands.

The quake ripped open Haitian land not far from the country's capital city of Port-au-Prince, causing wide spread devastation on a truly biblical scale.

It is in times like this we see both the worst and best humanity has to offer, where unlikely heroes and villains emerge to confuse us with their sincerity and cold heartedness.

For this crises, maybe the most unlikely hero is the controversial online poker industry. 

Both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars, heavy weights in the online poker community, have taken it upon themselves to help the suffering people of Haiti.

Full Tilt and Pokerstars have organized a wide range of charity tournments that players can enter to help raise money for the efforts of UNICEF, the Red Cross and Doctor Without Boarders in Haiti.

Both sites have stated that they will match every dollar raised for relief, Full Tilt has even created a dummy account called "Aid for Haiti," where players can transfer donations directly whenever they can.

Aid to Haiti.jpg

This humanitarian fund raiser isn't without solid promotional backing either, both Full Tilt and Pokerstars have made strong efforts at spreading the word about Haitian earthquake relief, going as far as to announce the effort during their live poker tournament broadcasts.

I point this story out not only as a way to show poker's generosity but to hopefully spur on poker players to get involved and help out a desperate people.

Poker pro Barry Greenstein famously said that poker sometimes feels like a hollow profession, like a career of taking without ever giving. Greenstein had a solution to this problem, charity, and I suggest everyone try it.




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