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The 12 Most Ridiculous Prop Bets of All-time

Chasse Rehwinkel

I gamble, therefore I write...or I write, therefore I gamble...honestly, they're pretty similar professions…

Gamblers are gamblers, and usually if their willing to put big money on small skill edges they're also up for wagers of an entirely more interesting kind. I'm talking of course about prop bets, a phenomenon I've eluded to in earlier posts. The idea is that the bet can be made on anything for any amount of money as long as both sides agree on a set of rules for the wager. This means these kinds of bets can be wide open to pretty much anything, from the outcome of the opening coin toss in a football game to the suit of the final card dealt face-up in a poker match. Over the years prop bets have sometimes become ludicrous and extremely interesting in nature, so for readers enjoyment here are what I think are the 12 most ridiculous prop bets of all-time.

Please discuss, disagree and share your own prop betting escapades.

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DrexxMac said:

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I can't imagine a lot of blogs tag both "Breast Implants" and "Large Hadron Collider" in the same post.

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