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About Me

I have worked in politics for the last eight years, first as a journalist and then, most recently, as the policy director on a gubernatorial campaign. My career started in Washington, D.C., where I was an editorial writer for The Washington Times and covered a variety of topics, from foreign and domestic affairs to electoral politics. 

Starting in 2007, I began working as an assistant editor at, located here in Chicago, where my focus shifted almost entirely to the presidential race. As an editor, columnist and blogger I was able to cover every angle of that historic election, from the moment then-Sen. Barack Obama announced his campaign in Springfield to all the fiery aftermath that comes with such a momentous power shift in Washington.

Last summer, however, I shifted gears and entered the fray of Illinois politics not as a journalist, but as the policy director for the Proft for Governor campaign. My tenure there taught me valuable lessons on the workings of campaign from an insider's perspective, rather than as an outside observer. I will disclose my past associations with Proft campaign for each post covering the Republican gubernatorial primary.

My work has appeared in the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, and RealClearPolitics. I have also been a panelist on WTTW's Chicago Tonight's Bloggers' Roundtable covering the presidential race, as well as a regular analyst on Fox News Radio and WGN Radio Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg. 

As my career demonstrates, I certainly hold my own political opinions, which generally speaking are conservative. But you have not come to another right-wing blog. My time in politics has taught me the importance of reasoned analysis devoid of spin and cant. This is my goal for The Voting Booth, where I hope readers, hardcore political junkies and casual political purveyors alike, will find grounded political and electoral analysis with, one hopes, the occasional scoop.

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