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Rasmussen: Brady +10 (wait ... what?)

Blake D. Dvorak

Yup, that's what the latest Rasmussen Report poll shows, strangely enough:

Brady: 47
Quinn: 37
Undecided: 9

More from the poll:

The new survey finds Brady leading by 17 points among women but just three points among men. Voters not affiliated with either party favor Brady 59% to 18%.
Brady is viewed very favorably by 17% of Illinois voters, while only 11% view the Republican very unfavorably. Nineteen percent (19%) have no opinion of him.
Just 12% in Illinois view their governor very favorably, while 24% view Quinn very unfavorably. Only five percent (5%) have no opinion of Quinn.
Rasmussen suspects that the surge for Brady is likely the result of his recent victory, officially, over Dillard. Still, a DailyKos/Research2000 poll from late last month showed Quinn ahead 15 points (47-32), and because this is Illinois, no one really questioned its veracity.

Taking both both polls together, I'd say this race is much tighter than the Quinn team would prefer at this point, so Brady and Republicans should be excited.



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unclemiltie said:

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except for those who pant in the leftist fever swamps, who else would ever believe a Kos-sponsored poll?

Blake D. Dvorak said:


Because Research2000 lives or dies as a polling firm based on the accuracy of its polls. It doesn't do itself any favors pandering to the lefties at DailyKos, which is not Research2000's only client.

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