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Oh, Those Unintended Consequences

Blake D. Dvorak

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Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time:

Illinois' primary election would be pushed back to March under legislation the House sent to Gov. Pat Quinn today.

If the governor signs the measure into law, the state's experiment with a February primary would end after just two elections.
Hey, you don't know till you try, right? I'm sure there were very good, well-researched reasons legislators weighed back in 2007 when they moved to a February primary. You don't just start messing around with well-established voting days for just any reason. And now I'm sure those same legislators have reassessed that earlier decision with equally well-research reasons for changing it back. Three cheers for the democratic process! Hip, hip...Wait...what's that? Oh:

Lawmakers pushed back the 2008 presidential primary to February to try to help then-Sen. Barack Obama get an early win in a big state. That worked. But last month, the early primary date was partly blamed for the debacle that left Democrats with Scott Lee Cohen as the party's lieutenant governor nominee before he dropped out under pressure. Democrats are still searching for a Cohen replacement.



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