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Rasmussen: Giannoulias Leads By 8, Kirk +35

Blake D. Dvorak

The latest Rasmussen poll on the Democratic Senate race shows Giannoulias with a solid lead, but Hoffman catching up:

Giannoulias: 31
Hoffman: 23
Jackson: 13
Other: 9
Undecided: 24

Rasmussen's numbers for Giannoulias and Hoffman mirror what PPP had earlier this week. Taking the big hit is Cheryle Jackson, who is slowly but surely finding herself on the sidelines. The trends in these polls are in Hoffman's favor, but we can't quite call it a surge. Still, it's probably closer than the Giannoulias folks had hoped.

And on the Republican side:

Kirk: 53
Hughes: 18
Other: 12
Undecided: 18

The good news for Hughes is that Rasmussen has him twice as high as he was in the PPP poll. The bad news is that Rasmussen also has Kirk over the 50% barrier, which he wasn't in PPP. Rasmussen also notes:

Conservatives have been critical of Kirk for some of his positions in the House, and Hughes, chairman of a group called Sensible Taxpayers Opposed to Increased Taxes, is challenging him from the political right. But 51% of conservative Republicans who plan to vote on Tuesday support Kirk versus 20% who are for Hughes.



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