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Proft on MSNBC, Andrzejewski Gets RedState: Will One Pull Out?

Blake D. Dvorak

Dan Proft appeared on MSNBC today to talk about President Obama's State of the Union address:

Meanwhile, the other conservative candidate in the race, Adam Andrzejewski, is getting backing from national conservatives via the popular right-wing blog, RedState. Site proprietor Erick Erickson pens this today:

Let me say one more thing about Andrzejewski that I have not said about Marco Rubio. In his uniqueness as a candidate, his story, and the sheer dread he instills in the corrupt old guard of Illinois, he is politically numinous.

Yeah. I've become convinced. That is a very bold statement, but the ferver [sic] for this guy is, among desperate voters in Illinois hungering for truth, honesty, and transparency in government, overwhelming. The movement to elect Adam Andrzejewski elected is akin to a quest. And outside of Illinois, he is on very few radars...

With a Republican and Democratic establishment tired, corrupt, and morally bankrupt in Illinois, the state is in a world of hurt. This past week, Adam Andrzejewski debated his rivals in the Republican primary and it became all against Adam. One went so far as to lecture Andrzejewski on his call for transparency saying Andrzejewski just must not know what's going on and that's why he wants transparency. Duh.
While the frontrunners are busy playing catch-up to Andy McKenna, this is the other big story in the race at the moment: The fight between Andrzejewski and Proft for the heart of conservatives. Going by poll numbers alone, it's a fight Andrzejewski is winning.

But it won't be enough in the end, despite RedState's support.

However, the latest Rasmussen poll puts their combined support at 19%, which would place them second to McKenna, but well within the margin of error. It's speculation of course -- there's no way to know for sure unless it happens -- but were one to back out and endorse the other, then a conservative candidate with Tea Party backing would have a legitimate shot at the nomination, assuming he gets all the other's supporters.

But the hour is late for that kind of maneuver. Besides, who would be the one to pull out? Andrzejewski is polling several points above Proft at the moment, and Proft just said during the WTTW debate that his second choice would be Jim Ryan. (Andrzejewski said Proft.) So the one thing that could make this race even closer and more interesting than it already is all but guaranteed not to happen.

(Disclosure: I worked for the Proft campaign last year.)



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unclemiltie said:

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seems like both have good ideas, but not enuf political clout to get traction.

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